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Apex Legends Tournament Stopped by Hack, Finals Delayed

Apex Legends Tournament Stopped by Hack, Finals Delayed
Written by: ASH

The Apex Legends Global Series Regional Finals for North America faced an unexpected halt due to a hacking incident. This event, crucial for determining the teams for the Split One playoffs, saw an abrupt pause when two pro players found their game clients compromised mid-match. The hackers, taking credit in the game's lobby, left the community in shock.


EA, the game's publisher, announced the postponement of the finals, emphasizing the breach of competitive integrity. The incident involved players from DarkZero and TSM, who were visibly confused as unauthorized cheats appeared on their screens. The game was immediately stopped by tournament officials, leaving the next steps for the North American Regional Finals uncertain.



This hacking episode is a rare occurrence in top-tier esports, raising serious concerns about the integrity and security of competitive gaming. The implications extend beyond the players and organizers, potentially affecting bookmakers and the broader esports ecosystem.


The Apex Legends community awaits further details on how this will impact the upcoming Split 1 playoffs, scheduled in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the esports world is reminded of the vulnerabilities in even the most prestigious tournaments, echoing recent security breaches in other games.

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