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Facts about the Highly Anticipated CSGO Professional Tournaments

Facts about the Highly Anticipated CSGO Professional Tournaments
Written by: GreenMcqueen
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CSGO is one of the popular video games, with over 799,000 gamers playing it recently, as per Steamcharts. While other plays for competitive gameplay, social interaction, and the adrenaline rush, some gamers like Nikola Kovač, Russel Van Dulken, and JakobNygaard do it as professional esports gamers. With so many gamers taking part every day and esports tournaments taking place periodically, metrics like csgo player count are essential for popularity ranking, skills matchmaking, and S- Tier tournament arrangements like the highly anticipated ones below: 

IEM Brazil 2023

With the ESL Pro League season 17, which attracted 32 teams, almost over in Malta, you should expect the Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023. This 16-team tournament will feature some of the big names in esports, with $250,000 up for grabs. Some teams include NatuVincere, FaZe Clan, and Fnatic. Running from April 17th to 23rd, 2023, it will be offline and start in the group stage with two double-elimination formats. Each of the groupswil have eight teams, with the top three advancing to the playoffs. Paris Major 2023

Closely following IEM, Brazil 2023 will be a 24-team Blast. Tv Paris Major 2023. It will start on May 8th  and run till 21st, 2023, with $1,250,000 prize money. You should expect some highly ranked CSGO gamers like Luken, Naitte, Meyern, and Noktese in this event which you can stream live. The games will start at the Challenger stage, where 16 teams will play in the Swiss System format, and the top 8 to advance to the Legends stage. 

IEM Dallas

This S-Tier tournament will run from May 29th to June 4th, 2023, in Dallas, Texas, but you can stream it from anywhere. Featuring 16 teams, IEM Dallas will start at the group stages with two double-elimination formats. Each group will have eight teams, with the top three advancing to the playoffs. However, the group stage winner will go to the semifinals to battle it out for a chance to grab some of the $250,000 prize pool money.

BLAST Spring Finals

The Blast Springs Finals 2023 will be right after the IEM Dallas and will be held offline in Washington, DC. This S-Tier tournament will feature eight pro teams to fight for the $425,000 prize money. It will be in the double-elimination format, starting in the group stages. The top three teams from each group will advance to playoffs, but winners advance to the semifinals directly. While the Runners-up and the second runners-up advance to the quarters. Some confirmed teams to play include Team Vitality, FaZe clan, G2 Esport, and the Heroic. 

BLAST Fall Groups

This BLAST Premier series is another e-sport tournament you should look forward to. It features 12 teams and will run from July 13th to the 23rd in Copenhagen, but you can stream it anywhere. The tournament will start in the group stages, and the teams will fight for the $177 498 prize money. Unlike the other S-Tier tournaments, the BLAST Fall Groups 2023 will use the three double-elimination format, each consisting of four teams. Each group winner advances to the Fall Final set from 22nd  to 26th November 2023. The remaining teams will advance to a seeded play-in stage to feature in other tournaments like the BLAST Premier European Showdown 2023. 
Esports like Counter Strikes competition has become popular recently thanks to accessibility due to technology. You can now play CS: GO for fun or money, but with a rich history, controversies, and widespread media coverage, metrics like csgo player count is essential to bring some order. The tournament organizers use these metrics for gamers' ranking, skill matching, and organizing pro tournaments like the ones you have read here. Therefore, if you are a gamer, mark the dates and follow the games which will be streamed live.  
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