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How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite and Earn Rewards

How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite and Earn Rewards
Written by: qasali038

When playing with friends, Fortnite is a lot more entertaining game. Fortnite's creators have developed a new method for all gamers who want to invite their friends to play alongside them in the game.


This program enables users not just to compete with their friends, but also to assist them in completing all the objectives. You've reached the right site if you're still unfamiliar with this service and want to learn how to refer friends in Fortnite. Here's how to refer a friend to Fortnite.



What is Refer a Friend in Fortnite


You should be aware of the numerous friend initiatives, such as Reactivate a Friend, since you've kept playing Fortnite for quite a long time. In comparison to the "Reactivate a Friend" initiative, "Refer a Friend" is geared towards both returning and new players.




With the new "Refer a Friend" feature, you could bring both "old Fortnite players" and new players. Obviously, people can easily start Fortnite, however, if you invite them to the game via the refer-a-friend method, there are some benefits for both of you, such as unique leveling jobs and, of course, goodies like the Rainbow Racer skin.




How to Refer a Friend in Fortnite


Even though Rainbow Racer Skin is the major emphasis of the program, there are several more unlockable too. A Rainbow Racer loading screen, glider, pickaxe, and weapon skin are among them. On October 25, the "refer a friend" program was released in Fortnite.





Here's how the Refer a Friend program works in Fortnite:

  • Visit the Refer a Friend in Fortnite program's official website to sign up.
  • Log in with your Epic Games details, which you use to enjoy a game.
  • Invite a buddy who is suitable to join.
  • Request the person to accept the invitation.
  • Participate in a few challenges with the invited guest.
  • Earn prizes, such as the Rainbow Taxi Driver Outfit.


To be qualified for such an invitation, a person must have spent fewer than 120 minutes in total playing the Battle Royale. Those players are also eligible who haven't played Fortnite in a month.



Refer a Friend to Fortnite and Earn Rewards


The following are the program's tasks and rewards:




Add a Friend

Gridlock Loading Screen

Play a game with that friend

Weapon Wrap

When playing with friends, get placed in the top 10 three times.

Fare Glider

With the friend's help, defeat 10 opponents.

Training Tree Pickaxe

Win 60 levels by yourself and ask your friend to do the same.

Rainbow Racer Skin


Only public battle royale matches will allow you to fulfill these tasks. The last task is the sole exception. Players only have a limited time until this blueprint is no longer accessible.


Note: You can perform the same challenges with different partners several times, but each prize can only be unlocked once. Furthermore, the objectives and performance are only visible on the "Fortnite Refer a Friend Program Website".


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