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Meet the Undisputed Kings: Top 10 Fortnite Players of 2023!

Meet the Undisputed Kings: Top 10 Fortnite Players of 2023!
Written by: GreenMcqueen
Some specific factors must be considered before we can come to a conclusion of who is the best Fortnite player in the World.

Criteria For Selecting the Top Gamer

We must carefully consider important and key factors to pick the best Fortnite players of 2023. Here is a list of some criteria we need to consider before coming up with this excellent list of best talents. 
  • Consistent performance across various tournaments
  • Commendable victories in high-stakes events
  • Demonstrated adaptability to the dynamic nature of the game
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Now that we've outlined these criteria, let's jump right into the top ten gamers.




Kami, part of the winning duo at the FNCS Invitational in 2022, secured first place in the annual competition, a significant feat in the World of Fortnite battle. With consistent Top 10 finishes in FNCS Finals and a second-place position in the 2021 Grand Royale, they're a team to watch in the 2023 international LAN, establishing themselves as formidable competitors on the leaderboard rankings. 


Kalgamer is an exceptional gamer who has dominated the Middle East competitive scene throughout the year, achieving impressive results with a third place, followed by two consecutive first-place finishes in the three FNCS Majors. 


In Chapter 4, Cold teamed up with Acorn and became one of the best players through teamwork and amazing practice. Before that, he won a few cash cups, including the first big competition in North America East. He also got second place in the FNCS Invitational at the end of 2022. It's an impressive journey that shows he's getting better and better.


Acorn has been a seasoned Fortnite scene player since 2019, initially performing well in Chapter 2 FNCS competitions. However, in Chapter 4, he and Cold reclaimed a top position. This duo is a standout in the East of North America. They have consistently delivered remarkable performances throughout the year. They secured first, sixth, and sixth places in the three FNCS Divisions. They achieved a commendable seventh place in the FNCS Global Championship. 


Setty is a newer addition to the top Fortnite players. He earned his spot in 2023 due to impressive recent performances alongside Kami. Setty has quickly become a key player with consistently high finishes and sharp reflexes in the FNCS Invitational and solid showings at two Gamers8 events. While he's been in the game for a while, his partnership with Kami has propelled them into the ranks of one of the game's most formidable teams. 


Boltz is one of the best in 2023, with a penchant for accuracy. He is partnered with Thorik in the North America West FNCS Major 1 competition, building a formidable duo with a single aim– to win. Since 2021, Boltz has had more victories than his partner, including a notable win at Dreamhack Atlanta 2022. Making significant strides this season, he is unquestionably not an ordinary player but one with a strategy to be on the watchout for. 


Tyson, a European gamer, has quickly risen to become one of our best Fortnite players in 2023. Tyson has recently showcased his skill and tactics, securing first place in the latest FNCS Major. With a track record of prior accomplishments and this recent victory, he currently stands as one of the top Fortnite players. This is another gamer to look out for if you are a streamer. 
Merstach, partnering with TaySon in the current chapter, has achieved notable success. Before this, he had a successful run alongside Malibuca in Chapter 3. Emerging as a key member of a prominent duo in Chapter 4, Merstach secured a spot at the FNCS Invitational later in the year, marking an early victory in his region at a Major and worthy of every stream. 


With past notable wins alongside Bugha and as part of the Trio that clinched the 2021 Grand Royale, Mero has long been a force in Fortnite gameplay. Now, paired with Cooper, they indisputably stand out as one of the game's strongest duos. Mero, alongside Cooper, finishes in 2nd place in the second Major of 2023, securing their spot at the Global Championship.


Malibuca, a newer addition to the best Fortnite players list, has consistently held a top position over the past 12 months. Starting his professional career in 2021, he quickly emerged as one of the rising stars in the scene. He is a force to reckon with when he is with the controller. Notably, he secured second place in several FNCS Finals during Chapter 3. He was part of a duo that emerged victorious in the Gamers8 LAN competition.


In the World of Fortnite, the top players in 2023 are like gaming superheroes, inspiring new gamers and fans. With excellent skills, strong determination, and a love for the gaming community, they're legends in Fortnite history. Watch out for their next moves because they're not just influencing gaming; they're changing how we play games.


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