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GTA+ Membership: All You Need to Know

GTA+ Membership: All You Need to Know
Written by: Weeii

Ever heard whispers of the GTA+ Membership and found yourself wondering what the buzz is all about? Well, you're in for a treat. GTA+ is not just another feather in the cap of Rockstar Games; it's an exclusive club that elevates your gaming journey to a whole new level. From those dreamy vehicles you've been eyeing to swanky properties that scream luxury, GTA+ offers you a golden ticket to an enhanced gaming experience. Strap in as we cruise through the bustling streets of Los Santos and uncover the magic behind GTA+'s premium offerings, specifically tailored for our PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S gaming players. 

What Exactly is GTA+?


Imagine a backstage pass to one of the most dynamic virtual universes ever created. That's what GTA+ offers to its members. No longer are you just a player in the vast Grand Theft Auto Online playground; with GTA+, you're part of an elite group. This isn't just a run-of-the-mill subscription; it's your VIP ticket to an elevated gaming reality.


Exclusively designed for dedicated gamers on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, GTA+ is Grand Theft Auto Online's answer to those seeking that extra oomph in their gaming quests. With an array of member-only perks, from bountiful bonuses to spectacular sales, the GTA+ experience is akin to a first-class seat in the world of crime, luxury, and adventure.


Here's a snapshot of what awaits those bold enough to jump into the GTA+ universe:


Lavish Monthly Bonuses: Think of it as your monthly thank-you gesture from the GTA universe. Members find a delightful GTA$500,000 bonus dropping into their virtual bank accounts. A financial boost that ensures you're always ready for whatever Los Santos throws your way.


Exclusive Real Estate & Rides: Ever passed by a posh property or a sleek vehicle in GTA and felt the pang of desire? With GTA+, members get unique property and vehicle benefits, whether it's a swanky new penthouse or that roaring supercar you've had your eyes on.


Dress to Impress: Why blend in when you were born to stand out? GTA+ ensures you're always the talk of Los Santos with exclusive clothing drops every month. Whether it's that leather jacket with a twist or those snazzy boots, make sure your character is always red-carpet ready.


Maximize Your Investment: If you're someone who swears by Shark Cards, here's a little cherry on top. Enjoy a substantial 15% increase in value every time you make a Shark Card purchase, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.


Exclusive Events & Discounts: The GTA universe is ever-evolving, with new events, challenges, and missions. As a GTA+ member, you're always in the loop, with first dibs on member-only events, discounts, and so much more.


And That's Just the Start: From periodic property upgrades to unique vehicle liveries, from dazzling discounts to member-exclusive content drops, GTA+ is an ever-evolving experience. Every month brings something new to the table, ensuring that your GTA Online journey remains as exhilarating as the very first heist.

Getting Set Up


To purchase a GTA+ Membership, you can directly go to the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or from within GTA Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

Deep Dive into Rewards


As you ponder on whether to take the GTA+ leap, let's set the stage by delving deeper into the grandeur of the rewards that beckon. Sure, we've skimmed the surface, but beneath lies a trove of treasures that promise to make every heist, chase, and mission an unforgettable experience. Let’s embark on this detailed exploration together:


The Monthly Bounty: The rhythm of Los Santos can be demanding, but every GTA+ member dances to it with an extra GTA$500,000 in their pocket. And the best part? It automatically finds its way to your Maze Bank account. No hoops, no hurdles, just pure, unadulterated bounty.


Real Estate Revelry: Properties in GTA Online are more than mere bricks and mortar; they’re gateways to thrilling missions, lucrative businesses, and Heist opportunities. As a GTA+ member, you get an edge, with exclusive access to complimentary properties or irresistible discounts. Browse through Dynasty 8 Executive or Maze Bank Foreclosures right from your in-game iFruit phone and stake your claim.


Vroom with a View: Every month, the streets of Los Santos witness the roar of new beasts - exclusive vehicles only GTA+ members can call their own. Whether you’re lusting after a luxe supercar or a rugged all-terrain beast, you’re in for a treat. And with top-notch customization offers from legendary mod shops like Hao’s Special Works, your ride won’t just be unique, it’ll be iconic.


A Canvas on Wheels: For those who understand that a vehicle is more than just transportation, liveries offer a chance to showcase your personality. With exclusive paint jobs, decals, and patterns, make a statement as you zoom through the city’s lanes and bylanes.


Fashion Forward: Why just dominate the streets when you can also rule the style charts? GTA+ ensures your wardrobe is always stocked with the latest trends. From edgy urban wear to classic ensembles, let your character be the trendsetter Los Santos never knew it needed.


Boosted Benefits: Some rewards are more than just tangible items. Enjoy exclusive rebates, get more out of your Shark Card purchases, and take advantage of periodic upgrades that ensure you're always a notch above the rest.


Engage and Earn: The heart of GTA Online lies in its events, modes, and challenges. With GTA+, these become even more rewarding. Engage in exclusive modes, take on member-only challenges, and earn hefty GTA$ or RP bonuses. A true gamer's delight!



It's clear that GTA+ isn't just another layer atop the sprawling Grand Theft Auto Online experience. It's a magnified, enhanced, and enriching adventure that welcomes gamers into a more elite sphere of rewards, exclusivities, and surprises.


GTA+ promises to not only elevate your in-game prowess but also envelop you in a world where luxury meets thrill. Whether you're someone who finds solace in the winding roads with your custom livery sports car, a business mogul with properties dotting the Los Santos skyline, or a fashion enthusiast leaving an imprint with every outfit, GTA+ offers something to tantalize every palate.


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