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Top 5 Fastest Bikes In GTA Online

Top 5 Fastest Bikes In GTA Online
Written by: Weeii

Ever wondered what it's like to zoom through the digital streets of Los Santos at neck-breaking speeds? If you're anything like me, you know that half the fun of GTA Online is in the vehicles—specifically, the bikes. Yep, we're not talking about the four-wheeled machines here; we're diving into the world of two-wheelers that promise to give your in-game life a jolt of adrenaline.


For those who might be new to the chaos and excitement of GTA Online, let me give you the scoop. GTA Online is a massive multiplayer online game that's part of the Grand Theft Auto universe. Imagine a sprawling digital city where you can do, well, almost anything. Race cars, pull off heists, or simply cruise around the stunning landscape—you name it, you can do it.


Now, back to business. In this guide, we're laying out all the details on the fastest bikes you can ride in GTA Online as of 2023. We're talking top speeds, pricing, and all those nifty little features that make each bike unique. So, whether you're a seasoned GTA veteran or a newbie looking to make a splash, strap in because this is your one-way ticket to becoming the fastest biker in Los Santos.



The Top 5 Fastest Bikes in GTA Online



Apocalypse Deathbike


First up, let's talk about the speed king of GTA Online—the Apocalypse Deathbike. Now, if you thought motorcycles were just for cruising, this monster will change your mind. Capable of reaching a jaw-dropping top speed of 150 mph, it's like having a rocket between your legs. And get this, it'll set you back a hefty $1,269,000, but man, is it worth every penny. Plus, this bad boy is more than just speed. Deck it out with twin-mounted chain guns, and you're basically riding an apocalypse on two wheels. If you've got the cash, don't even think twice. This is THE bike to own.



Pegassi Oppressor


Coming in second is the Pegassi Oppressor, and oh boy, does this bike redefine the word "oppress." For a staggering $3,524,500, you'd think it could teleport you to a different galaxy. While it can't do that, what it CAN do is hit 140 mph and literally fly. Yeah, you read that right. This bike has a rocket engine that lets you soar through the skies of Los Santos. So, are you paying for speed? Nah, you're paying for the ability to defy gravity. If you've got deep pockets, this is your chance to own the skies.



Nagasaki BF400


Next on the list is the Nagasaki BF400. It's like the love child of classic GTA bikes, combining elements that long-time fans will recognize. While it may not have rockets or chain guns, it's a speed demon in its own right, maxing out at 137 mph. This bike is lighter than most, making it incredibly agile and a blast to navigate through tight corners. You'll be parting with $95,000 for this one, but if old-school cool is your thing, this is the bike for you.



Pegassi 801 and Pegassi 801 RR


These two are practically siblings, and they share the speed gene for sure. Whether you go with the 801 or its flashier counterpart, the 801 RR, you're getting a bike that can sprint to 135 mph. A bargain at just $15,000, either of these beauties is perfect for those on a budget but still looking to tear up the asphalt. Minor design tweaks set them apart, but performance-wise, they're evenly matched. So, pick the one that matches your style, and you're golden.



Shitzu Hakuchou


Last but not least, let's talk about the Shitzu Hakuchou. It might be at the end of our list, but it's still a speedster, clocking in at an impressive 134 mph. For $82,000, it's reasonably priced, especially when you consider its sleek, futuristic Japanese design. This is the bike for those who want to look good while leaving their friends in the dust.



Wow, what a ride we've been on! We've cruised through the top 5 fastest bikes in GTA Online, and let me tell you, it's a list as diverse as the sprawling city of Los Santos itself. Whether you're a sucker for old-school flair, a lover of futuristic designs, or someone who just wants to break all the earthly laws of speed (and gravity), there's a bike here with your name on it.


From the Apocalypse Deathbike's jaw-dropping firepower and speed to the Pegassi Oppressor's sky-soaring capabilities, the choices are as wild as the game itself. And let's not forget the more budget-friendly options that still pack a serious punch in terms of speed. Really, there's something for every kind of player, regardless of your in-game bank account.


So, what's the takeaway? If you're aiming to be the fastest on two wheels in GTA Online, you've got some killer options. Your choice will ultimately boil down to what you value more—blistering speed, agility, or some good old airborne fun. Either way, you're in for a thrilling ride that'll make your GTA Online experience even more exhilarating.

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