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Best Weapons To Use In GTA

Best Weapons To Use In GTA
Written by: Weeii

Hey there, GTA Online enthusiasts! Let's get real for a second—Los Santos is no walk in the park. Whether you're tearing through city streets or embroiled in a high-stakes mission, you've gotta have the right firepower by your side. That's why we're going all out to give you the inside scoop on the top weapons you should have in your arsenal. This isn't just any guide; we've got a lineup that'll help you handle anything the game can throw at you. From solo adventures against AI baddies to intense PvP showdowns, we've got you covered. Strap in and let's get you equipped for success in the chaos that is GTA Online!



Best All-Around Weapon: AP Pistol

If versatility had a name, it'd be the AP Pistol. This all-rounder is your go-to for an array of situations:


Unlock Level: 33

Price: $5,000

Whether you're involved in a high-speed chase or cornered in a room, the AP Pistol won't let you down.



Medium-Range Mastery: Special Carbine Mk II

When you need reliability at medium range, the Special Carbine Mk II is your weapon of choice:



Base Weapon Needed: Special Carbine

Upgrade Price: $135,000

Versatile and customizable, it's your perfect companion for mid-distance showdowns.



Close-Range King: Assault Shotgun

For those up-close-and-personal encounters, nothing beats the Assault Shotgun:


Unlock Level: 37

Price: $10,000

Get ready to dominate in tight spaces and short-range skirmishes with this beast.



Long-Range Sniper: Heavy Sniper Mk II

When you're going for that far-off kill shot, the Heavy Sniper Mk II is your best bet:


Unlock Level: 90

Upgrade Price: $165,375

You'll be a force to reckon with, capable of taking down distant targets with ease.



Sticky Bombs: The Versatile Tool

For a mix of fun and utility, Sticky Bombs have got you covered:


Unlock Level: 19

Price per Bomb: $600

From roadblocks to strategic ambushes, these bombs offer a variety of creative uses.



The Sci-Fi Powerhouse: Railgun

Ready to feel like you're in a futuristic action flick? Then meet the Railgun:


Unlock Requirement: Complete the "Minor Turbulence" mission in GTA 5

Price: $250,000

High risk, high reward. Get your aim on point, and you'll be dishing out devastation.



Alright, gamers, there you have it—your ultimate cheat sheet to arming yourself for success in GTA Online. From versatile pistols and reliable rifles to heavy-duty snipers and fantastical railguns, this guide's got something for every aspiring Los Santos legend. Remember, the right weapon doesn't just make your life easier; it can make or break your gameplay experience. So, make sure you're choosing wisely and investing your hard-earned GTA dollars where it counts most. Now go out there, conquer those missions, dominate in PvP, and most importantly, have a blast doing it!

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