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Parrot Breeding in Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide

Parrot Breeding in Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide
Written by: Weeii

In the vast universe of Minecraft, parrots hold a unique place as an adorable and vibrant passive mob. Although they might not have a significant role in the gameplay just yet, their presence adds color and charm to the Minecraft world. Not only do they drop feathers upon their demise, but these winged companions can also be tamed and bred to create a lively flock.



Taming Parrots


Locating Parrots in the Minecraft World


The first step in your parrot breeding adventure is to locate these colorful creatures. Parrots can be found primarily in the lush and vibrant jungles of Minecraft. As you explore the dense foliage, keep an eye out for these vivid birds perched on tree branches or fluttering around the jungle floor.


Winning the Hearts of Parrots


Before you can start breeding parrots, you'll need to gain their trust and tame them. Luckily, taming these feathered friends is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is approach the parrots with some seeds in hand. The seeds could be wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds - parrots aren't too picky!


To tame a parrot, right-click (or tap, depending on your device) on the parrot while holding the seeds. The parrot will nibble on the seeds, and soon enough, you'll see some heart particles appear around it. This indicates that the parrot is now tamed and will follow you around, ready to be part of your Minecraft family. Keep in mind that it might take a few tries and some extra seeds to win the parrot's trust, so don't give up!

The Breeding Process


Gathering Essential Items for Parrot Breeding


Now that you have successfully tamed a pair of parrots, it's time to begin the breeding process. To breed parrots, you'll need to have an ample supply of seeds. As mentioned earlier, parrots aren't picky eaters, so you can use any type of seed: wheat, melon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds. You can easily gather these seeds by breaking grass, harvesting crops, or trading with villagers.


Feeding Parrots for a Successful Breeding


With seeds in hand, approach your tamed parrots and feed them by right-clicking or tapping on them while holding the seeds. As the parrots eat the seeds, heart particles will appear around them, indicating that they have entered "love mode." In this state, the parrots are ready to breed and create a new generation of parrot companions.


Witnessing the Birth of a Baby Parrot


Once both parrots are in love mode, they will come together, and in a matter of seconds, a tiny baby parrot will appear nearby. The baby parrot will inherit the colors of one of its parents, and with time, it will grow into an adult parrot, ready to be part of your ever-growing flock. Congratulations! You've successfully bred parrots in Minecraft!

Managing Your Parrots


Guiding and Controlling Your Feathered Friends


Now that you have your very own parrot family, it's essential to know how to manage and control their movements. Tamed parrots will naturally follow you around on your adventures, perching on your shoulder or flying close by. However, there might be times when you need your parrots to stay put or follow specific commands.


To make your parrot sit or stay in one place, simply right-click or tap on it. The parrot will then obediently perch on the ground and remain in that spot until you give it another command. To make your parrot resume following you, right-click or tap on it again, and it will take flight, ready to accompany you on your journey.



You've come a long way on your journey to mastering the art of parrot breeding in Minecraft! To recap, you've learned how to locate parrots in the wild, tame them with seeds, feed them for successful breeding, and manage their movements and behavior to keep them safe and happy.


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