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Pokemon Go on iPhone

Pokemon Go on iPhone
Written by: iamharoongill

On July 6, 2016, the American company Niantic announced the release of the multiplayer role-playing game Pokemon Go for iOS and Android platforms. It became a real sensation and attracted millions of users. It aroused particular interest among fans of the popular media franchise about Pokemon. The story of a fictional universe in which mystical creatures with supernatural abilities live has been conquering the world since 1996. During this time, several animated films, comics, video games, and anime were released. However, Pokemon Go on iPhone offers players more than just watching Pokemon. Now, the user has the opportunity to find and tame his pet, imprison it in a Pokeball, and then compete in the arena with other similar Pokeballs. The search takes place all over the world, and somewhere, new heroes appear now and then who need to be tamed.




How Pokemon Go works


The iPhone game Pokemon Go operates in augmented reality mode. After downloading the application from the official App Store, when walking down the street, the smartphone will notify the user with vibrations that a Pokemon is lurking somewhere nearby. All he has to do is arm himself with a virtual Pokeball and go on a search.


When you see an animal on your smartphone screen, you need to throw a Poke Ball at it and catch it. However, you need to be careful, because the creature is not eager to be imprisoned and can escape. The player has a limited number of items that must be replenished at Poké Stops located in various public places or purchased with money.





After successfully catching a Pokemon, you can find out who is at your disposal. Creatures vary in abilities, belonging to different elements, sizes, attack powers, and available techniques. It will not be possible to fight after the first successful capture because the gamer must first have a dozen fighters at his disposal and he must reach the fifth level in the game. Only then will access to virtual training rooms open, where you can upgrade your pet and then join the “fight club” and fight in the arena.


You can challenge another trainer at any time in Trainer Battles mode. Team-on-team battles take place in real time. Here, you have the opportunity to try out the learned attacks and super attacks in practice. It is important to monitor the enemy’s movements and defend against his attacks with the Super Shield. Controls in battle are quite simple - you need to swipe across the screen in different directions to defend and tap on it to attack in the right place. Victories allow you to obtain resources and useful items to improve your Pokemon.


Pokemon Go implements a system for searching for resources in a real environment. So, the game isn't just about lying on the couch and pressing buttons. You'll have to go outside and find Pokeballs, new creatures, stardust, and candies to develop them.


Resources can be hidden anywhere: under a tree in a park, on wall graffiti, or in a residential area of ​​a metropolis. A real haven for explorers who need to be careful and remember: that there are real dangers in the real world. So you shouldn't search for Pokemon on the roadway.



Features of Pokemon Go on iPhone




The game was a real technological breakthrough, as it offered users a new type of entertainment that combined modern technology with the real world. Reality and virtuality have collapsed together to truly captivate people. And it was a great success. The application offers several features:


  • Search for Pokemon all over the world (including unique creatures for each country);
  • fight with other trainers in virtual battles;
  • make friends and exchange gifts with them;
  • personalize your character and creatures;
  • replenish your Pokédex;
  • complete quests in field mode;
  • choose the side to fight on;
  • conquer training halls;
  • take bright photos.


The secret to the success of Pokemon Go on iPhone is the fact that the game offers to go beyond the usual static entertainment on a computer or smartphone screen. Gamers are immersed in a huge game world in which they can communicate and fight with other users.



Collect all the characters in Pokemon Go




The graphical component and excellent detail of the Pokemon themselves deserve special attention. There are a total of 1017 Pokemon available to catch in the game. After catching each of them, an entry appears in the extensive virtual Pokédex encyclopedia, which will become a guide to the game universe.


Among the game creatures, there are everyone’s favorite cartoons and games: Pikachu, Bullasaurus, Charmander, Squirtle, Meowth, Slowpoke, and many others. The one who collects them all can be considered a master Pokemon catcher.


Catching a Pokemon is only the first stage. In the future, it will evolve as the player uses stardust and candies - the main game currencies. As a result, you can create a large-scale combat unit, turning the classic Pikachu into its more advanced version of Raichu or the cute and defenseless Pidgey into the ruthless tenacious Pidgeotto. To get rarer Pokemon, you need to improve your level and purchase additional gaming tools.



How to download Pokemon Go on iPhone




The official version of Pokemon Go on iPhone is available to all gamers worldwide. You can download it from the official App Store, but this requires a device with iOS version 12 or higher. The application belongs to the free-to-play category, but the game contains virtual coins (PokeCoins), which are purchased for real money.


If a player wants to quickly get stardust and candies for character development, purchase lures (wobblers) for Pokemon, improved Pokeballs, eggs, and much more, he will have to spend money. Although without a donation, Pokemon Go presents a mountain of opportunities and interesting adventures.


The monetization of the game turns out to be invisible and secondary. Purchasing Pokeballs, modules, lucky eggs, and incubators does not give their owner a critical advantage. There is a limited selection of items in the game store. The developers do not have as their goal to profit from users, to get them hooked on the game so that they then spend hundreds of hryvnia on development.


There is no opportunity to customize characters, or buy additional clothes or skins for them, which could make good money. This is also the secret of success and a good tactic for retaining users for a long time.



iPhone AR+ mode for Pokemon Go




To attract even more users, the developers have created an AR+ mode, which can be used by iPhone owners. It offers improved augmented reality mechanics available on operating system versions 11 and above. In this mode, you can find yourself near a Pokemon and feel the effect of presence. It seems that he is not a virtual object but a part of the real world: a creature living its own life. You can take the most realistic photograph of an animal that, by chance, ended up in your crosshairs.

However, a wild pet also turns out to be incredibly sensitive, and if you get too close to it, it can run away because it has no particular desire to be in your captivity.



Pokemon Go reviews


Almost five years have passed since the official release of the game, but it has not lost its relevance and is popular. The developers managed to create a unique gaming universe with a carefully designed interface, convenient controls, and character development that aroused interest. The game takes care of maintaining a healthy lifestyle because you need to walk to find heroes and hatch eggs.


This is great because modern people suffer from physical inactivity and lack of exposure to fresh air. In this regard, Pokemon Go on iPhone has surpassed its competitors. True, it’s time to come up with something new to attract even more gamers.

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