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How To Change Username on Roblox

How To Change Username on Roblox
Written by: iamharoongill

While playing Roblox, many begin to wonder how to change their username on the platform. The old username can get pretty boring, which is why there is a desire to make it more interesting and simpler. In this article, we will look at how to change your username in Roblox and its color too.




Rules for creating a username and ways to change it


The username on the platform is created according to certain criteria. You can also change it by following the platform rules.




So, in Roblox, there are 2 types of names:


Username: This is a unique identifier that distinguishes you from all other gamers on the platform. No two players can have the same common username. This name is typically what you use to log in and what others may use to search for you.


Display Name: This name is what appears to other players in the games you play. While this name needs to be unique in the context of each game or server, it doesn't need to be globally unique across all of Roblox.


Length and Frequency of Changing Names


  • Username: Your username should be under 20 characters.
  • Display Name: This too should be under 20 characters. While you can change your display name once a week, your common username can be changed multiple times, albeit for a cost.


The displayed username, if you suddenly don’t like it or are tired of it, can be changed once a week, but you can change the regular display name as many times as you want if the game currency allows you. The cost of such pleasure is equal to a thousand robux (or approximately $14.98 USD. A little expensive, isn’t it?).


However, to make changes to your common name, your Roblox account must be linked to an Email.


Your new name can only be limited by your imagination and a few platform rules:


  • username should not offend anyone;
  • Prohibited words cannot be used in the name;
  • no spaces or unused characters;
  • there should be no underscore;
  • lack of personal information;
  • a username cannot consist only of numbers;
  • The game name must be more than 3 characters.


By following these standard rules, you will become the happy owner of a new username.



How to change your username in Roblox on PC




Logging into your Account: Roblox offers both a web platform and an app. Choose whichever is most convenient for you.


  • Navigate to the Roblox website or open the app: Start by going to the official Roblox website on your browser or launching the Roblox app on your device.
  • Enter your current username and password: On the login page, you'll see fields for both your username and password. Input your details accurately to access your account. If you've forgotten your password, there's an option to reset it, but that's a different process altogether.


Accessing Account Settings: The settings section is like the control panel for your Roblox account, granting you access to various functionalities.


  • Locate the gear icon: Once logged in, head to the top-right corner of the page or app interface. You'll notice a gear icon, symbolizing settings or adjustments.
  • Select the "Settings" option from the drop-down menu: Clicking on the gear icon will open a drop-down menu. From this list, select the "Settings" option, which will redirect you to your account settings.


Navigating to Username Change Section: Changing your username involves accessing a specific section within the Account Settings.


  • In the "Account Info" tab, look for the "Username" section: By default, you'll likely land on the "Account Info" tab. Here, various details related to your account are displayed, one of which is your current username.
  • Click the pencil/edit icon next to your current username: This icon is symbolic of editing or making changes. Once you spot this icon adjacent to your username, click on it to initiate the change process.


Choosing a New Username: Your Roblox username is your unique identity within the vast gaming universe. Choose wisely!


  • Enter your desired new username: A field will be provided for you to input the new username you wish to use. Be creative, but also remember to keep it appropriate.
  • Make sure the username adheres to Roblox’s guidelines and is available: Roblox has certain policies regarding the kind of usernames allowed. They shouldn't be offensive, misleading, or violate any copyrights. Also, usernames are unique, so if someone else has already chosen your desired name, you'll need to pick a different one or modify yours.


Paying the Name Change Fee: Changing your username isn't free, and Roblox charges a fee in the form of Robux, its virtual currency.




  • Confirm the 1,000 Robux fee for changing your username: Once you've decided on a username and it's available, you'll be informed of the 1,000 Robux fee for this change.
  • If you don’t have enough Robux, you'll need to purchase or earn more: If your account doesn't have the necessary amount of Robux, you'll be prompted to purchase more. Robux can be acquired through various means, including buying them directly, receiving them as gifts, or earning them through gameplay or the creation of games and content.


Finalizing the Change: Once you're set on your new username and have taken care of the fee, it's time to finalize the change.


  • Enter your password to confirm the change: This step is a security measure to ensure that it's genuinely you making this change. Input your Roblox password.
  • Click on the "Buy" or "Confirm" button: Finally, after ensuring all details are correct and the fee is covered, click the button to finalize the change. Your Roblox account will now reflect your newly chosen username.



How to change your username in Roblox on your phone




To get started, open the application and scroll down, where there will be three dots. Click on them and then select “Setting.” Without leaving the settings, go to the “Account Info” section, where you can change your username.


You will see the familiar pencil icons. Tap on them to open the editing option.



How to change username for free


All developers want to eat, so they will definitely make money on their product. The creators of Roblox are no exception, which is why they made the name change feature a paid feature. You have three options: pay, start the game over, or be content with your old username.



How to change your username color in Roblox




When creating their account, the user does not know what color their name will be displayed in. If you're lucky, the player's favorite color will appear; if not, you can close the game forever and forget about Roblox (just kidding). Of course, many players are not satisfied with the color of their name, which is why they want to change it.


Unfortunately, this will not work. The color will change after changing the username. As we wrote above, this is a paid feature. However, you still won’t be able to choose your favorite color.


You can try to change the game script or use third-party programs but this can be dangerous. We do not advise you to do this because you may be banned.


We looked at how to change your username in Roblox. This service is paid, so think several times whether to do it or not.

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