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VALORANT Harbor Smokes on Breeze - Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Harbor Smokes on Breeze - Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need on the best smokes for Harbor on the map Breeze.

Harbor is a versatile agent with a unique set of abilities that make him a valuable addition to any team.

Breeze is relatively the largest map in the game and offers a unique experience with its tropical island setting and large, open areas. Smokers like Viper have always been crucial on this map, providing multiple avenues for players to navigate and control the area.

And Harbor offers a kit that is much so similar to Viper’s allowing him to involve in the meta in unique ways.

In this article, we will explore his abilities and highlight the best smokes for each key location on Breeze. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to control and dominate your opponents with Harbor effectively. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!

Setups - Attack 

The attacking side on Breeze is quite rewarding as you have many ways and approaches to each site, you just need to figure out a good approach to the defenders. You might often find yourself overwhelmed with the large spaces that are hard to maintain control of and the impact of an operator for defenders which can get to be a nightmare if you are failing to open up sites. Here’s how with Harbor you can make Breeze attacking side seem so easy:

A Post Plant



You have to understand the utility Harbor has before you get a good understanding of how you can approach any site on any map of the attacking side. 


High Tide ability is essentially a very versatile wall that can be adjusted to a decent level to match any area you’re trying to cover. It is also, very long which will do good cover on almost any map. 


Cove (Shield Orb) ability is one of a kind, once placed you will be able to have a shielded smoke on that area that blocks bullets until it’s broken. 


Cascade Wall also acts as a temporary smoke once it is stopped and as a good mechanic to push as you launch it and it goes forward until it stops but it doesn’t drop down immediately giving you a temporary smoke.

In this example of executing A site, your main goal should be to get the plant down to play in post plant. Simply use your high tide ability to split half of the site, creating a way to enter. Use your cascade on the close left corner to cover against any early peekers and use your cove to plant safely then get back into position. 


A Control



If you’re planning a split execute on A site, simply use your high tide to isolate the site towards CT giving you plenty of space to take control of. Better done if you push A Halls using your cascade wall as it’s perfectly fit for that. 


After that, make sure you use your Cove to plant safely on site. 

B Default


This is the default execute of B site. Simply use your high tide to split side from Walls, mid and CT. Then use your Cascade wall on the right corner to push with covered momentum and then use your cove on default to plant it safely. 


Mid To A


Controlling Mid is one of the most important factors when you are playing Breeze. Here’s an effective way to do so: 


Use your high tide wall to cover all dangerous areas such as Nest and B tunnel, extend that wall all the way into A site splitting CT. 


While you do give yourself a lot less space on mid, you can use that for fast executes where enemies can’t defend this setup unless they push you really deeply. 


Use your Cascade at the start of the round to cover any early peeks from Double Doors. And then, as usual the Cove to plant safely. 

Mid To B 


Unlike the previous set up where you push A from Mid, you will need complete control of mid to execute this. Makes it harder but a lot more rewarding. 


Use your high tide to cover double doors and cut all the way through covering Nest and CT from B site. 


Then use your Cascade from behind pillar on Mid to push with onto Nest just incase, and the cove to safely plant on default as some players might have hid on B Main. 


Setups - Defense


Breeze is harder played on defense but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be against your odds. If you don’t learn the best set ups to hold sites down you might find yourself in a situation where it’s impossible to deny enemies from taking space on you. And that’s why we will now show you the best set ups to force your enemies into backing off your site:

A Default


Defending A is quite tricky, enemies usually blast out of A main with tons of utility that can be extremely overwhelming. 


To properly stop that execute, hide behind the pyramids and use your high tide to cover A main and mid if possible. 


This will also create a sneaky corner to play on in the cubby. Then, as you hear enemies push through your smoke throw your cascade as if it’s an omen blind and peek off it. This will grant you at least a few free kills. 

A Halls 


If you are worried about enemies excessively pushing Halls, here’s a good way to change that. Use your high tide at the start of the round to completely block them from attempting to push it, then use your high tide to cover halls and A main. 


Pro Tip: On defense, you tend to use your Cove a lot less because of its retake potential. When you are retaking a site, you need to defuse the spike which the Cove ability can provide great cover for.


After that just wait and hold for enemies to step through your smoke and immediately throw your cascade wall and peek off it.

B Tank


Usually, when defending B site you tend to take passive positions to try and catch attackers off guard. 


In this set up you will fight early on to immediately block any execute on B site. Place your Cove on the right corner for a teammate to play off and then use your high tide to cover B main and elbow. 


You can use your Cascade as you hear enemies push. 

Mid Control


And here’s a way to maintain mid control as a defender, most optimally from B tunnel use your high tide to cut Elbow off and extend the line all over until drops near Double Doors. From there, you can have a teammate walk out of double doors or hold elbow from nest, providing you cover and control of that entire area. 

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