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Valorant Temporarily Removes Several Skins Due to Exploit

Valorant Temporarily Removes Several Skins Due to Exploit
Written by: ASH

In response to a recent glitch that allowed players to see through walls, Riot Games has temporarily disabled several skins in Valorant. This measure affects the newly released Mystbloom skins and other lines such as Magepunk 3, Imperium, and Primordium. The glitch, notably visible during the weapon inspection animation, was initially detected by players earlier this week. Riot plans to roll out a hotfix soon to address the issue.

The exploit became widely known after a video went viral on social media, posted by streamer AverageJonas. Riot's quick response to disable the affected skin levels aims to prevent any unfair competitive advantage. Sean Marino, associate art director for Valorant, acknowledged the issue, stating that the development team is actively working on a solution.



Despite the seriousness of the exploit, Riot assures that the inclusion of such a bug was unintentional and reaffirms their commitment to fair play. The full Mystbloom bundle remains available in the game store, but without the problematic levels until further notice.


As the community awaits the fix, Riot's proactive approach helps maintain the integrity of competitive play and demonstrates their ongoing dedication to player feedback and fair gaming practices.

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