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Valorant Community Urges Buff for Harbor with a Clever Suggestion

Valorant Community Urges Buff for Harbor with a Clever Suggestion
Written by: ASH

Valorant continues to evolve as its player base grows. Recently, Valorant fans have specifically focused on Harbor, an Agent who many believe could use some enhancements to be more competitive.


With 24 Agents in play, balancing them to maintain game health and interest is a tough job for the developers at Riot. However, a strong community sentiment has emerged regarding Harbor, who debuted in Episode 5. Players think he's not as powerful as he could be.




In a Reddit discussion on May 5, a suggestion was made to modify Harbor's Cove ability. The idea is to make it more apparent when players can shoot through his protective shield.


Many agree with this suggestion, but some players argue for more significant changes. Proposals include extending the duration of Harbor's cascade walls and adjusting his ultimate ability to make it either cost fewer points or undergo a rework. One player expressed, "His kit would be better if the cascade walls weren't so short and if the ultimate were either less points or if they reworked it."


Harbor's low selection and win rates have previously prompted calls for improvement. With Episode 9 on the horizon, the community is hopeful that Riot will implement some much-needed changes to this water-wielding controller.

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