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VALORANT Pros Stunned by Unexpected Raze Trick

VALORANT Pros Stunned by Unexpected Raze Trick
Written by: ASH

In a recent VALORANT match between 100 Thieves and NRG, Raze showcased a surprising new tactic that left everyone, including the pros, amazed. Typically used for mobility or disruption, Raze's Blast Pack demonstrated a novel use: blinding opponents in a pinch.


During the VCT Americas Split One, NRG's Victor, in a last-ditch effort, launched a Blast Pack at 100 Thieves' Asuna right as he was taken down. The satchel landed squarely on Asuna's face, obscuring his vision significantly until it exploded. Unlike the traditional flashes from Skye or Yoru, this impromptu "blind" covered most of the screen but left the outer edges clear. Thankfully, Asuna managed to survive the encounter, helping his team clinch the round.



The incident caused quite a stir. Spectators and teammates, including Boostio and Bang, could be heard reacting to the unexpected event with laughter and disbelief. The moment also caught the attention of well-known VALORANT streamers Tarik and s0m, who expressed their shock live. “get this sh*t off me!” s0m exclaimed humorously.


This unique interaction was a first for many, highlighting the unpredictability of Raze's abilities. It's moments like these that not only entertain but also enrich the gaming experience, possibly inspiring future in-game content like player cards or sprays.


This split has seen its fair share of unusual events for 100 Thieves. Notably, Boostio's mouse once failed mid-round in a game against Cloud9. Despite these oddities, the team has continued to succeed and is gearing up for the midseason playoffs starting on May 8.

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