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BLAST Spike Nations #2 teams and group revealed

BLAST Spike Nations #2 teams and group revealed
Written by: ar1essss

Danish tournament operator BLAST have announced teams and groups of VALORANT Spike Nations #2.


Spike Nations 2 is a charity event featuring 12 EMEA-based teams, hosted by BLAST, Twitch and Riot.



es Flag Team Spain (Vorwenn, Tinylady, lowel, Black, Horcus)
fr Flag Team France (kennyS, Sliicy, NBK, Kaffworld, Ninou)
pl Flag Team Poland (Emelejt, AL3XANDRAS, Nsane, xype, paTiTek)

tr Flag Team Turkey (wtcN, Cigment, LEGOO, cNed, tecoNe)
it Flag Team Italy (Lunarys, EduCoz, rhagee, xazyyy, Aleks)
de Flag Team DACH (luckeRRR, PilotCeeBee, rAx, nookyyy, zonixx)
pt Flag Team Portugal (TugaTV, D7, MeetTheMyth, k0mpa, KILLDREAMST)
gb Flag Team UK (SoMarcus, Jupi, karagii, Boaster, Mistic)
Team Nordics (metrz, 6sonya, Noizeeh, Derke, hhoenak)
Team CIS (buster, NataKodo, nAts, ANGE1, DooMxx)
be Flag Team Benelux (Saiven, LowaN, laagvliet, Davidp, MAGiK)
Team Eastern Europe (tina, Bzt, Magnum, Twisten, TBA)

12 teams were divided into 3 groups with 4 teams in each.

Group A:


  • Team Turkey
  • Team Nordics
  • Team CIS
  • Team Eastern Europe


Group B:


  • Team UK
  • Team Poland
  • Team Spain
  • Team DACH


Group C:


  • Team Italy
  • Team Portugal
  • Team Benelux
  • Team France


Spike Nations VALORANT tournament will be hold from 7 to 9 October, the prize pool of the tournament is €60,000. All fund will be donated to charity by Riot Games.

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