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GMT Esports wins VALORANT Circuito de Elite - Round #3

GMT Esports wins VALORANT Circuito de Elite - Round #3
Image Credit: GMTEsports
Written by: ar1essss

CIS Team GMT Esports won ehehxd 2:0 in the grand-final of VALORANT Circuito de Elite - Round #3.



GMT Esports qualified to this tournament through European Qualifier with Smaracis, Team AURORA and Reject$.

Then GMT won four matches in a row, didn't lose a single map. In the grand-final they met with Portugal mix ehehxd.


The first half on Split ended in a draw, 6:6. The second pistol round won by GMT thanks to incredible clutch 1v3 by MiniBoo.



GMT started to lead in a score and managed to not allow opponent to close the gap thanks to another clutch 2v3 on A site. As a result, CIS team won the first map 13:9.



GMT Esports better started Breeze, lead 4:1, but clutch by ehehxd gave them opportunity to close the gap, and lost the first half 5:7.



Despite the poor play from MiniBoo on Jett, who made only 7 kills on the second map, GMT, thanks to the efforts of the Sharyk on Cypher and Winteryrook on Viper, put the squeeze on the opponent with a similar score, 13:9.


For the victory in VALORANT Circuito de Elite - Round #3 GMT Esports won €1,250.


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