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Champions Tour EMEA: Last Chance Qualifier Day 5 recap

Champions Tour EMEA: Last Chance Qualifier Day 5 recap
Image Credit: @valesports_eu
Written by: Diaa

Yesterday was  day five in Champions Tour EMEA: Last Chance Qualifier, In lower round two
Guild Esports Faced Oxygen Esports and then Futbolist played against SuperMassive Blaze, only two teams will move to Lower round three today after winning in day five.. So who will make it ? 


Guild Esports VS Oxygen Esports

The last game OXG played was against ANB, and they won 2-0, so they won and looking to progress further, on the other hand GUILD lost to Team Liquid 0-2, and it's time to see who will leave and who will move to round three today.

At 5:00 PM CEST the battle begun after OXG banned Icebox map and picked Breeze, and GUILD  banned Ascent and picked Split, Haven.
On Split map GUILD started by wining the first two rounds, also won two pistol rounds then OXG won round 3 and 4, at halftime both were equal 6-6, GUILD
Sayf was going hard as his ACS  was 301 with a headshot rate of %29, in the second half OXG won only 2 round and GUILD  won the rest, so it ended up with a 13-8 victory for GUILD.

On the second map OXG tried to make a comeback in 51:09 mins, they had a strong start and won two pistol rounds, till the halftime OXG won 8 rounds and GUILD won 4, but this wasn't enough for OXG to win , as GUILD ended this map with a 13-11 victory and had their revenge from OXG as last time they faced each other was in VCT Stage 2: EMEA - Challengers Playoffs and OXG won.

Futbolist  VS SuperMassive Blaze

%83 of viewers predicted that SMB will win, are they right ? 
At 7:25 PM CEST, the battle begun after SMB banned Bind and picked Haven and FTBL banned Ascent and picked Split, Icebox.
FTBL had a strong start as they won the first six rounds in a row and two pistol rounds and two eco rounds this map, FTBL were ahead in the first half, after the halftime FTBL won another six rounds and  SMB three only, this map ended up with a 13-8 victory for FTBL, and SMB russ was doing great as his ACS was 332 and his ESR was %67.

Second map was Heaven, and it was the shortest map in this match as it took 37 min, In the first half SMB won eight rounds and FTBL won four, and again SMB russ did great, as his ACS was 340 with %33 headshot rate, in the sound half SMB won five rounds and FTBL won two only which leads to 13-6 for SMB. 
The last round will decide who will win, as both teams has an equal chance to win.
On icebox map FTBL won the first two rounds and kept winning multiple rounds, by the halftime they won ten rounds, and SMB won only two.
After the halftime, FTBL won 3 rounds and SMB won 2, and the winner is FTBL after they achieved their clean win and 13-4 victory on this map, and the match ended up with a 2-1 win for FTBL.


FTBL and GUILD  will move to lower round 3 and will play against each other and SMB and OXG will secure the 5-6TH place, Good luck to FTBL and GUILD and hard luck to SMB and OXG.

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