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LDN UTD sweep TENSTAR to win LVP - Rising Series #4

LDN UTD sweep TENSTAR to win LVP - Rising Series #4
Image Credit: LDN UTD
Written by: ar1essss

The Lithuanian roster won three straight maps in the best-of-five grand final to claim the LVP - Rising Series #4 title.



LDN UTD have added another trophy to their cabinet with a LVP - Rising Series # 4 grand final victory over TENSTAR in three maps, Fracture (13-5), Icebox (13-10) and Breeze, (16-14).


The final LVP - Rising Series #4 kicked off on Fracture, where LDN UTD crushed opponent 13:5. TENSTAR fought back on the second map, winning the first half 7:5. They even increased their lead to four rounds, but LDN UTD's attack on Icebox was overly convincing. Thanks to feqew's actions on the Jett, the Lithuanians managed to win the Icebox 13:10.


The third map was a real highlight of this match. Both halves finished exactly 6:6. Both teams continued to play exactly in overtime, as long as LDN UTD managed to make an A split and win the final map 16:14.



For the victory, LDN UTD received €2,000. For TENSTAR this is the second place in a row at the LVP - Rising Series tournaments.


Oct 26 at 9:59 AM
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