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BIG reverse sweep CGN Esports to win A1 eSports Valorant Cup #2

BIG reverse sweep CGN Esports to win A1 eSports Valorant Cup #2
Image Credit: A1eSports
Written by: ar1essss

BIG came back from a 2-0 deficit in the grand final of A1 eSports Valorant Cup #2 to win the tournament over CGN Esports, 3-2.


The grand-final of A1 eSports Valorant Cup #2 was on LAN in Gratz, Austria, where BIG met with CGN Esports in a best-of-5 match.


CGN Esports swept opponent on Split, 13:3. On Haven, there was an equal fight between the teams, as long as BIG managed to get ahead, 12:9. CGN Esports woke up, firstly tied the game, and then won two rounds on overtimes, secured the victory in the second map, 14:12.


On Bind, BIG firstly in this final won the half, 8:4. Then they managed to sweep CGN Esports 5:1, won the third map 13:5.



BIG were ahead of the game on Ascent, thanks to an incredible performance by Twisten on Jett (26-13). CGN Esports had a chance again transferred the game to overtimes, but this time BIG managed to win the last round, and made 2:2 in the final.



As often happens, the fifth map of the final turns out to be one-sided. It happened here too. BIG, who were inspired by comeback from 0:2, crushed opponent on Icebox 13:5.



For the victory in A1 eSports Valorant Cup #2, BIG receive €1,200.

Oct 31 at 9:45 AM
Great final
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