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NUTURN Gaming announce the departure of allow and Suggest

NUTURN Gaming announce the departure of allow and Suggest
Image Credit: NUTURN Gaming
Written by: carrico14

The players were with the organization since its foundation and contributed to the team being one of the best in South Korea.


Today South Korean organization NUTURN Gaming announced the departure of two members from their roster, Park "allow" Sang-wook , and Seo "Suggest" Jae-young left the team after representing the organization since its foundation. 




The team was one of the best in South Korea throughout the year, making it to the first-ever international event Masters Reykjavic where they finished in third place, the best result from a Korean team in an international event so far, and finished top 4 in nine of the twelve tournaments they participated.


NUTURN Gaming thanked the players for all their hard work and said it was a pleasure to work with star players like them, finishing by wishing both players all the best in the future.


The players will now search for a new organization, and with their resumes, there will not be a lack of offers from teams.


NUTURN Gaming active roster is now the following


kr Flag peri

kr Flag solo

kr Flag Hyeoni



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