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Maters Berlin: All the teams participating in the event have been revealed.

Maters Berlin: All the teams participating in the event have been revealed.
Written by: carrico14

With the conclusion of the VCT Brazil Challengers Playoffs, we now know all the teams that will be participating in Masters Berlin, fighting for the pride of their region but also an undisclosed prize amount.

Masters Reykjavik had a 600.000$ prize poll with the winner taking 200.000$ and it's expected that the prize poll for Master Berlin will be even bigger, the tournament also has 16 teams, 6 more teams than Masters Reykjavik.


The importance of circuit points to qualify for Champions.



The teams will also be battling out for circuit points that are very important for the teams to qualify for the Valorant Champions, the higher the teams place in the tournament the more circuit points they receive, the winner will automatically qualify to the Valorant Champions, while the minimum a team can receive is 175 circuit points.


These points impact the teams seed in the region and will determine which teams from each region will be present in the Valorant Champions, making it even more important for the teams to have a good performance in order to secure more spots for their regions for Champions since some regions will have more teams spots for champions than others.


Sentinel, Crazy Raccoon, and KRÜ Esports are the only returning teams from Maters Reykjavík.


Even though the tournament is going to have 16 instead of 10 teams and some regions are taking more teams this time, due to the performance of their representatives in the previous Master's tournament, there are only three teams that were present in Masters Reykjavik and also managed to qualify to Masters Berlin.


Sentinels from North America are one of those teams, the winners of Master Reykjavik and considered by many the best team in the world are joined by  LATAM champions KRÜ Esports and vice-champions from Japan Crazy Raccoon.


It will be interesting to see how the other teams will do on the international stage and in a LAN environment since most of these teams will have their first taste of an international event on Lan.


Maters Berlin will start on the 10th of September and will finish on the 19th of the same month.


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