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Regional price changes and global bonus currency

Regional price changes and global bonus currency
Written by: Diaa

Riot is evaluating global pricing and due to changes in currency fluctuations, taxation, and regional discrepancies. These changes can be both increases or decreases. 

Europe, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey : Below you’ll find the changes that will take effect on September 8th in VALORANT.

Before this goes live, they are doubling the Bonus Currency you get with each purchase from August 23rd to September 8th regardless of whether you’re impacted by the price changes.

  • Example: In VALORANT the 1900 VP bundle will grant 300 bonus VP (normally this is 150 bonus VP)

This promotion activates August 23rd around 1:00 PM PDT (change may take an hour to complete) and lasts until September 8th, 1:00 PM PDT when the price changes go into effect.



VALORANT Price Changes

  • Brazil: +15% average price increase
  • Colombia: +11% average price increase
  • Costa Rica: +16% average price increase
  • Mexico: +17% average price increase
  • Chile: +16% average price increase
  • Uruguay: +17% average price increase
  • Peru: +15% average price increase
  • Russia: +6% average price increase
  • Turkey: +17% average price increase
  • Europe (for EUR, GBP & HUF currencies only): -5% average price decrease


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