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Valorant Champions Day 9 Recap

Valorant Champions Day 9 Recap
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

The last day of the Quarterfinals took place today and here is all that happened.


Today's matches were the two last of the quarterfinals, two teams would keep the dream alive and advance to the Semi-finals while the other two would see the end of their tournament run.


Gambit Esports VS X10 CRIT




In the first series of the day, EMEA giants and Master Berlin champions Gambit Esports would face off against X10 CRIT  for a spot in the semifinals.


The Europen team was the heavy favorites to win this series and they quickly showed why on the first map, with a great team performance, and some great mid-round decisions the Russian squad easily won the first map 13-7 taking the series lead, with d3ffo being the MVP of this map despite an all-around good performance by the team.




Most people were expecting map two to follow the first map trends, however, the Thai team showed an incredible performance, they were prepared for everything Gambit had for them, and with foxz and Patiphan leading the way X10 CRIT won the second map 13-7 forcing a third and decisive map.




On the third and last map of the series, we were expecting a close game to see who was advancing to the Semifinals, however, Gambit played a much better game on this map, with Chronicle stepping up big time, and Gambit as a whole with an amazing team performance, with great trades and execution's, took the third map 13-7, and will now advance to the semifinals were they will face off against Kru Esports at 8PM on Sunday.




You can check the vods or more detailed stats.



Fnatic VS Kru Esports




The last series of the day saw EMEA team Fnatic facing off against LATAM pride Kru Esports, with Kru Esports being the dark horse of this tournament after upsetting Sentinels in the group stage this was bound to be a good series.


Haven was the first map of the series and it was a nail-biting map, Fnatic good defensive side saw them take control of the map but once again Kru Esports just like they did against Sentinels, with an amazing attacking side led by keznit Kru Esports was able to force overtime and win the map 14-12.




The second map was a different story, with Fnatic completely dominating the LATAM side and easily taking map 2 13-6, and forcing a map three.




On the third and deciding map, KRU Esports made a statement, they showed they are really contenders to the title, and that from now on teams will have to respect the LATAM side, Kru Esports completely controlled map three and won the map 13-8, taking the series 2-1 and advancing to the Semifinals where they will face Gambit Esports on Sunday at 8 PM.




You can check the vods or more detailed stats.


All images rights belong to Riot Games Valorant.

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