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FPX to miss VCT Masters - Reykjavík

FPX to miss VCT Masters - Reykjavík
Written by: ar1essss

The winners of EMEA Challengers 1 will miss the Masters in Reykjavík due to travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia.



Due to war in Ukraine, men's 18-60 age can't leave the country during martial law. In Russia, the situation is another. All European countries, except Serbia, closed the sky for aircraft from Russia. As well, in several countries of EU stopped issuing visas for Russian citizens. For these reasons,  FPX will miss the tournament, since their captain ANGE1 is in Ukraine, and Shao and SUYGETSU are living in Russia.

Team Liquid received an invite to participate in Masters Reykjavík, because they took 4th place in EMEA Challengers. 

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