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The Best Valorant Cosplays in 2022

The Best Valorant Cosplays in 2022
Written by: ar1essss

Here you will find a selection of cool and interesting cosplay agents, popular 5v5 Shooter Valorant by Riot Games.



Killjoy Cosplay


Killjoy is an agent from Germany. Her real name is Klara Böhringer. A nominee for the Distinguished Inventor Award, Böhringer became the lead of the Kingdom's R&D department at the age of 18. Incredibly successful, she had many breakthroughs during her time at Kingdom with several of her creations and innovations.


She has become a favorite of many players for her simplicity and efficiency. One of the best cosplay on Killjoy was made by @GloryLamothe, a designer from Argentina.






Esports Awards awarded her the title, the best esports cosplay of the year in 2020.


To this day, its cosplay on Killjoy is one of the best in the world.



Breach Cosplay


Next in line is a cosplay of a brutal Swedish agent, code-named Breach. @TwiinCosplay managed to convey many important details, from the costume to the lush mustache and beard. When you see this cosplay on Breach like that in person, you think for a second you’re in Valorant.







Reyna Cosplay


@AliciaMarieBODY was able to transfer the full 200% of grace and ruthlessness of Reyna. This is cosplay she prepared for Valorant’s first anniversary. Alicia Marie Not only did she collect all the elements of the original suit, and the tattoos, but also found an analog to Frenzy’s gun in real life.






Viper Cosplay


I dare say you didn’t expect such a cosplay. You can know the famous streamer and co-owner of 100 Thieves, Rachell Hofstetter @Valkyrae. Most recently, she shocked the community with her graceful cosplay on the viper. It was just amazing and incredible.







Skye Cosplay


Let me introduce you to Nadya Anton @Nadyasonika. She has made thousands of variety cosplays, which have won the hearts of millions of people. One of them has been the amazing cosplay of Skye, an Australian agent from Valorant. She had a Vandal in her hands, a nice suit, and is ready to call on a Tasmanian tiger to find all the enemies near by.







Neon Cosplay


The Filipino @charechii, after all, managed to convey the beauty of Agent Neon, who is also from the Philippines. This cosplay has everything: the costume, makeup, and special details are typical of this particular agent.



neon cosplay 1

neon cosplay 2



Sage Cosplay


How could we not add Sage cosplay here? @sorcehri made cool cosplay for this agent, working on the costume, hair, and adding a sphere to your photo. Note that this cosplay was released to the community in April 2020, a few weeks after the release of the game. Until now, this cosplay of Sage is considered one of the best in history.





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