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The Top 10 EMEA VCT Stage 1 Clutches of 2022

The Top 10 EMEA VCT Stage 1 Clutches of 2022
Written by: carrico14

The EMEA VCT is the highest level of competitive Valorant in the region, which joins the best teams from Europe, the CIS, and Turkey. Because of that, it is full of talented players, so it's no surprise you will see some amazing plays and clutches.


After a long time of searching and pondering which would be the clips to fit in this article, we finally decided on our top ten.


We thought it would be unfair to label them from the worst to the best since all these clutches are insane, so we are going to let you guys decide on the order.  


Without further ado let's right into the top 10 EMEA VCT Stage 1 Clutches.



The Top 10 EMEA VCT Stage 1 Clutches


The first entry to our best clutches and plays of Stage 1 of the EMEA VCT, is a spectacular 1v3 by Chronicle that secured his team the round. 





Following that, we have one of the best Ace's in all of competitive Valorant. nukkye showed why he is one o the best players in the world, displaying an amazing movement control on Raze together with an insane aim. 





cNed could not be out of this list, and the Turkish player makes his entry with an Ace clutch versus G2 Esports. 






When his team needed him the most soulcas stepped up with a 4k and recovered a round that looked lost.





QUTIONERX ACE against Fnatic was one of the best in the tournament, with the Jett player locking down the b site by himself. 





Fnatic IGL Boaster may be more known for his fun personality and is one of the best IGLs in the world, but this time he came up with a massive 1v4 clutch versus M3C. A clutch so good that even Boaster jumped out of his seat. 





The aim good needed to be in this top 10, and ScreaM makes his entry with a beautiful 4k versus G2 Esports. A play that shows why he is called the one-tap good. 




Boaster makes his second appearance on the list with a 3k on the short entrance of Ascent, securing his team the round and adding another highlight moment for his montage. 





Another Ace makes his way into this top ten, and this time it was hoody from G2 Esports saying the b site was closed.





Last but not least is Derke, one of the best Duelists in the world, and a top 20 player for sure, who enters the list with a pistol round ACE versus M3C. 


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