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Luminosity Gaming cease Valorant division

Luminosity Gaming cease Valorant division
Image Credit: Luminosity Gmaing
Written by: carrico14

One of the biggest Esport organizations in North America Luminsotitu Gaming announced today they made the decision to exit Valorant for the foreseeable future. 



This comes as a shock since the team has been performing really well in the Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers, sitting in third place don't their group with a 2-1 score. 


Luminosity Gaming says in their press release that, they look forward to Riot Games 2023 structure and don't rule out participating in Valorant esports again in the future. 


For the remaining of the Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers the players under Luminosity Gaming will still compete under the organization banner.


The organization is also committed to finding a good home for the players so that they can continue to compete and shine together.


They also thanked the players for all the efforts they have been making in order to improve


It's a surprising move to say the least and one that may be tied to the franchising league that Riot Games announced earlier this year. 


Does this mean Luminsotity Gaming didn't enter the franchise league and decided to leave Valorant entirely?


If so will more organizations do the same in the future if they also are not admitted into the Riot Games franchise league in  2023?


Only time will give sus the answer to those questions. 

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