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X10 Crit rename to X10 Esports

X10 Crit rename to X10 Esports
Image Credit: X10 Esports
Written by: carrico14

The Thai organization announced today they would be renaming to X10 Esports 8 months after having changed the name to X10 Crit. 



X10 Esports is one of the biggest Esports organizations in Apac, and in 2021 they had one of the best teams in the world. 


After renaming to X10 Crit the organization was able to achieve a spectacular 5th-8th place in the Valorant Champions 2021, but would then lose all their roster to XERXIA in January of 2022. 


Since then the organization has never come close to achieving the success it once had. 


Not qualifying for any of the VCT main events in APAC this year, and are very far from the dominant team they once were. 


The team hasn't announced any roster change so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some in the future. 


X10 Esports need a drastic change in order to become once again one of the best teams in the region and challenge the likes of Paper Rex and XERXIA. 


Only time will tell what are the X10 Esports plans for the future. 


X10 Esports roster is the following: 


th Flag Apiwat "garnetS" Apiraksukumal

th Flag Phakphon "Flukky" Sukhonchasiri

th Flag Kitisak "SeveN89"  Kititharakun 

th Flag Nuttadet "xcool" Wijit

th Flag Bulakorn "Aowha" Buntuwanna

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