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ZETA DIVISION GC roster announced

ZETA DIVISION GC roster announced
Written by: carrico14

One of the biggest Esports organizations in Japan, announced today their full female Valorant roster, that will represent the organization in the upcoming Japan Game Changers.



We have recently seen a lot of big organizations entering the female Valorant scene in Japan, such as IGZIST and Northeption.


This is great news for the female Valorant scene since it means we will probably see more and more teams in the region enter the competitive female scene.


It gives players the opportunity to live their dream of becoming professional players and dedicate full time to Valorant and the pursuit of being the best player possible. 


Japan Game Changers qualifiers will start on the 6th of August, and that's where we will be able to see this team in action for the first time. 


Hopefully, we will continue to see more investment in the Japanese female Valorant scene, helping the scene to grow even faster. 


ZETA DIVISION GC roster is the following: 


jp Flag suzu 

jp Flag aco

jp Flag Moco

jp Flag romia

jp Flag flappy


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