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What Maps Have Been Changed in VALORANT!

What Maps Have Been Changed in VALORANT!
Written by: GreenMcqueen

What Maps Have Changed in CS:GO & VALORANT?


Valve has decided to improve 4 CS GO maps in its latest update. They have made a lot of changes to Anubis, Blagai, Cascade, and Ember. Valve is hoping the new changes will improve overall gameplay. We can’t wait to see the top pros play on these enhanced maps. Stream and bet on the next big CS:GO esports tournament at In keeping pace with Valve, Riot Games has updated Breeze and Bind. Learn more about these updates below.



What Did Valve Do To the Anubis Map




Of all the altered maps, Anubis has undergone the most changes. The bomb sites for both teams have been enhanced. These tweaks should create faster and more exciting gameplay. It has become more difficult for players to hide. Long A has also been supercharged. We are excited to explore the new and improved version of Anubis. We are interested to see if you will like it as much as we did!



Did Valve Improve the Cascade Map?


Cascade has received a pretty big facelift! The visuals have been altered substantially. You will now find new ladders, and the notorious self-boost has been removed from the upper main area. We are surprised Valve has made some big changes to the map, especially as it was only released in August 2022. It remains to be seen if these changes have improved the map.



Has the Blagai Map Been Changed?


Don’t worry Blagai fans, the changes are only very minor. This map has been largely left untouched but has received some minor tweaks. Graphics have been slightly improved, and some minor bugs have been removed.




Blagai is a commonly used map for wingman mode. It was a community-created map that was only added to CS:GO last month. The map has quickly become very popular. As it is virtually brand new, Valve didn’t feel the need to make any large-scale changes. 



What Does the Ember Map Look Like Now?


Valve has made quite a few changes to the Ember map. The Ember map is a community-designed Danger Zone map that was released in February 2022. Valve has removed some bugs from the map, improved door usage, renamed the crater, and fixed the cannonball.



What Changes Has Riot Made to Breeze and Bind?




Riot Games has made some minor changes to Bind. They removed the one-way smoke location which should make it easy for attackers to raid. And they also added a new bench which is a great way to glance over the wall at the enemy. In Breeze Riot adjusted a curved wall which makes the map more spacious. Breeze also has a number of new walls and crates which makes defending the B site much easier.

So there you have it, in the latest CS:GO update, Valve has made changes to Anubis, Blagai, Cascade, and Ember, while Riot has updated Breeze and Bind. Most of these changes are fairly minor, so don’t worry, your favorite map has not been ruined. The next time you are playing CS GO and Valorant, remember to try out these maps and see if you can notice any differences! Comment below what you think about the latest Valve and Riot update, is it good or bad?

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