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Interview With FUSION Content Creator - HORCUS

Interview With FUSION Content Creator - HORCUS
Written by: Mohsin

Yoann: Hello Horcus! Would you like to introduce yourself? 


Horcus: I'm known as Horcus, I always give 100% of myself in what I set out to do. I'm currently a content creator/streamer, I've achieved top 1 radiant in Valorant several times and some Aim world records. 


Yoann: For how long have you been playing FPS games and which ones? 


Horcus: I've been playing shooters since I was 9 years old (more than 30,000 hours in total). My first shooter was Quake 3 arena. From there I moved on to Call of duty (1, 2, mw2), where I spent a lot of hours. Then came Counter Strike Global Offensive, where I spent 12,000 hours, and finally I'm focused on Valorant and Aim Lab. 


Yoann: What’s your daily routine? 


Horcus: In the mornings I prepare content (related to tik tok, youtube, instagram, twitter, twitch etc) and check emails (proposals, collaborations etc) while doing 1 hour of aim lab with breaks. After that I go for a 30 minute walk, shower, eat and start streaming. After that I keep working on content, go to the gym and that's pretty much the end of my day. For now it's usually like that.


Yoann: You hit Radiant #1 Global earlier this year, what can you tell us about this grind? 


Horcus: Achieving it 5 times in Europe and 2 times in the world, so far, is really rewarding. Achieving it is really difficult and hard. You have to be in a very good shape (skill) and know how to handle the situations, because the matchups also play an important role and tend to level you with players of less rank points than in the opposing team to balance the teams as a general rule. 



Yoann: What advice would you give to people struggling in Ranked?


Horcus: Improve their personal skills (I have many tips for them in my networks). Train the aim every day and with time they will improve the other important skills (gamesense, communication, etc). 


Yoann: What do you think about Valorant's Ranked right now?


Horcus: I think that the rankeds system right now is not as expected. There is a lot of level differences between some players and others in many games, besides toxicity, macho, smurfs, etc. that make the experience bad. 


Yoann: How do you feel about the current Valorant meta? Is there anything you'd like to change? (agent, map, guns...)


Horcus: There are some agents that are not balanced. Also the movement and shooting mechanics could be improved. Others like the run and gun are still very present. The level difference between a very skilled player and a very novice one is not as big in Valorant as in other shooter games. 



Yoann: Do you feel like Harbor has potential in higher ranks/pro play? 


Horcus: It seems to me that Harbor needs an urgent buff if they want to implement him in the competitive scene. In Radiant we rarely see a Harbor in our compositions, and in tournaments it doesn't look like it will be used. 


Yoann: How do you feel about Pearl? 


Horcus: It seems to me an interesting map to play both in ranked and competitive as long as it is in its right measure (for example, that the map does not come up 5 times in a row).


Yoann: Would you be interested in playing official matches again? 


Horcus: Yes, I recently uploaded a video explaining this topic in depth. To sum up: I have struggled for many years to be where I am today as a content creator (despite the individual level as a player). I know that many people would not be able to understand my context, so I invite you to watch that video. 


Yoann: What role would you like to play? 


Horcus: It depends on the equipment, I could adapt. My favorite roles are sentinel and duelist. 


Yoann: Which team would you like to play against in the future? 


Horcus: Against all hehe, you learn from everything. 



Yoann: Yeah sure! What are your short and long term ambitions on Valorant? 


Horcus: To transmit the best of myself to others, to teach them and to continue to be the best version of myself. 


Yoann: That’s very inspiring! Is there anything else you would like to say? 


Horcus: Thanks to all the people who support me every day, both in the streams and in the networks. You are part of me, I love you.


Yoann: Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck in the future!


Horcus: Thank you!







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