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VALORANT Fan Proposes Chamber Nerf To Balance Agent

VALORANT Fan Proposes Chamber Nerf To Balance Agent
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Chamber is one of the strongest agents in VALORANT history. He has added to the game a year ago, on November 17, 2021, and has been actively used by players at all ranks ever since. And pro players also pick him up, and very often. He is a fairly strong hero, and many have said that he should be weakened. But Riot Games hasn't dared to do that yet. Either they don't want to, or they're trying to figure out Chamber in as much detail as possible and weaken him "right".


A Reddit user, "iTCHYTRIGGERZ", suggested his changes for Chamber, which look very interesting. The first change for Chamber he proposed concerned the RENDEZVOUS ability:


"The first change: 1.5-2 second cooldown to the activation of rendezvous/teleport immediately after firing a droppable weapon inside anchor radius. The first effect this change has is remove the most egregious form of Chamber's untradeability. No matter what purchasable/droppable weapon Chamber is holding an angle with, he should be forced to stay engaged in any gunfight if he chooses to use that weapon."



That sounds interesting. Indeed, Chamber was always too invulnerable with his teleporter. Every Chamber opponent has only one chance to kill him the first time. If he doesn't, Chamber simply avoids further firefighting. And still, Chamber will have a chance to teleport if, for example, to last 1.5-2 seconds behind a wall, a corner, or a drawer. So I think it's an adequate enough fix for this ability.


The second suggestion from this player concerns the third Chamber ability, Headhunter:


"Headhunter having only 8 bullets, each costing 150 credits, would now become a crucial skill that Chamber's untradeability hinges on. Same deal as the ult. And this leads to my other proposed change to go with the first one: a 0.10 to 0.15 second decrease to headhunter equip time. Admittedly, this change didn't have a lot of creative effort behind it. It's basically just a complementary change to the first one."


This fix won't make a huge difference, but it will give your opponent an extra chance to win a duel with him. It also seems like a fairly adequate solution. Overall, "iTCHYTRIGGERZ" has suggested interesting and workable options for the Chamber fix in future patches. And Reddit users have also supported and warmly accepted his ideas.

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