VALORANT Coming To Xbox & PS4 - Riot Games' Job Listings Confirm

VALORANT Coming To Xbox & PS4 - Riot Games' Job Listings Confirm
Written by: Mohsin

Riot Games are looking for Console game designers for VALORANT. This confirms that the company is considering porting their FPS game over to Xbox, PS4, and other consoles in the distant future!


They have posted multiple job listings on Hitmarker, which is the platform for gaming jobs. One listing is for Game Design Manager for consoles which was posted on 17 November. Another job was for Senior Game Designer, which was posted on 23 November.


Job descriptions state that the candidate will “work with team leads to develop a vision for combat in Valorant on consoles.”



Is VALORANT Coming To PS4 and Consoles?


Riot Games have been hinting on bringing VALORANT to a broader audience, and with this fresh news, we can finally say with confidence that VALORANT will some day make its appearance on consoles!


Riot games also have a mobile port for VALORANT, which makes us even more confident that the game will also make an appearance on gaming consoles.

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