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Interview With Raze Voice Actress Carolina Ravassa

Interview With Raze Voice Actress Carolina Ravassa
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I'm with Carolina Ravassa, the voice actress of Raze. Could you introduce yourself?


Carolina: Hi. I am the voice of Raze! Here comes the party! I'm an actor who does voices for video games. I also do some film and TV, and I'm really excited to be here. I'm from Colombia. I grew up there, and now I live in Los Angeles.


Yoann: Great. When and how did you get into voice acting?


Carolina: Well, for me, voice acting is a branch of acting. And I started acting when I was like four and a half years old. And so when I applied for colleges, I knew that I wanted to do acting. So I studied theater in college, and then I went to New York and I did a film and TV conservatory.
All those things led me to want to discover more branches of acting. And when I worked with Rockstar Games and Max Payne 3, that kind of helped me understand a little bit about video games.

But then when I booked Sombra (Overwatch), because they needed somebody who spoke Spanish and who had an accent, I started really understanding that world.

So I moved to L.A. and that's kind of how I started pursuing voice acting. But it's kind of this long explanation on how I got to it, because it's part of the acting journey, and it's just been the last five years that I've really sort of connected to voice acting even more.


Yoann: Yeah, that's great. Were you interested or involved in gaming before?


Carolina: Not really. I had done some roles for Rockstar Games, but I didn't play the game. It also wasn't animated, It was a motion capture. So I did all the physical acting for it ! 
I had played Mario Kart and my cousin played Zelda, so that was the extent of what I understood about gaming.


Yoann: All right. Cool. So was working for Valorant any different from the past games you've been into?


Carolina: The process is similar to Sombra in Overwatch because we record individually in a booth with the director and the writer. But I think creating Raze was very different as they had written some stuff for her character, but they left me a lot of freedom to sort of improv and make stuff up.

And we worked collaboratively with the writer and the director. So we had a really good time trying to find her sense of comedy. And she's a little bit silly sometimes, but she's very loving and very explosive, no pun intended. I think it was different because with other projects, you just usually read what they've written.

And for VALORANT, I got to invent a lot of what she says.


Yoann: Right. Okay. Do you play VALORANT in your free time? Maybe with other voice actors?


Carolina: We've talked about wanting to do it. I don't have a gaming computer. I've played Overwatch, but I have not tried Valorant yet. I have to give it a shot. 


Yoann: I saw the voice of Kayo playing Livestream on Twitch. It was very fun, he was doing voice lines during the games making his teammates crazy haha!


Carolina: That's funny. I would sit next to a gamer and scream voice lines, but if I played it, I would literally die. 


Yoann: Could you meet the other VALORANT voice actors in person before?


Carolina: Well, I knew Steve Blum. He's the voice of Brimstone. I had met him before, and I see him at conventions sometimes. And I've only met a little Nabil Elouahabi (Cypher voice actor). But the other that I've only met online. So we've been able to connect because I was doing a twitch channel during the pandemic and I was interviewing the voice actors.

So that's up on my twitch in my YouTube channel, but it's mostly about voice acting. And recently I spoke to Chamber. He is super nice!


Yoann: What are your hobbies/passions aside from voice acting?


Carolina: I love outdoor stuff, hikes, rollerblading, riding bikes, and I travel a ton. So I get to go all over the world to hang out with you guys. 


Yoann: That’s great! What are your short and long term ambitions for your career, or maybe for VALORANT?


Carolina: I would love it if there was an Arcane for Valorant.

That could be a really cool long term goal. But, you know, that's not up to me. But in general, I'd just like to continue meeting gamers that love Raze or that just love the game in general. Same with voice acting. Every day there are new projects that come up that are animated or I just sent a video audition for a new video game and, you know, hopefully it'll happen, but we never know.


Yoann: Yeah that would be cool. Are you interested in VALORANT esports? 


Carolina: Sort of, I don't really understand what's happening but I’m still kind of interested. Does that make sense? That stuff sounds fun. But it's not something that I understand naturally or that I'm drawn into. 


Yoann: Yeah I understand. Have you been involved with players or organization teams?


Carolina: It's funny, in the beginning of the pandemic, I was in contact with a big Raze player on Twitch. We were going to do a collaboration, but he was taking a break from Twitch a month later. So we couldn’t, that was one of the things that I was trying to do.



Yoann: Is there anything else you want to add?


Carolina: I produced a film in the pandemic. It’s about a young woman in the pandemic who does a lot of gaming, and likes to cosplay, and she’s a little bit depressed like a lot of us during the pandemic.

You don't see her game too much, but she has to reconnect with her friends and family and the things that are important in her life to sort of get back on track. It's called Morgan's Mask and hopefully soon it's going to be up on Amazon Prime.

Other than that, I've been doing collaborations with Valorant and Overwatch voice actors, so some of the Twitch stuff I've put on my TikTok, if people want to see fun interactions with other other actors, I put it up there. So I'm always feeding my YouTube channel stuff that's related to Valorant if anybody's interested.


Yoann: That’s super cool! Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it!


Carolina: Thank you for the interview!


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