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Team USA Won Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022

Team USA Won Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022
Image Credit: Red Bull
Written by: ar1essss

Red Bull Campus Clutch is a VALORANT tournament for university students. This is a global call for VALORANT players to create your team of five and compete for a chance to become the best student VALORANT team of 2022.


47 teams from around the world came to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo to determine the title of this year's best student team. They were divided into seven groups of six teams each, with five in the eighth. Each team played against each, and the top two teams made the competition's playoffs. In the end, 16 teams were placed in a single-elimination bracket and had to determine the strongest. All matches except the final (bo5) were played in bo3 format.


Teams from the United States, Canada, and North Macedonia reached the semifinals without losses. The fourth team was representatives of Poland, who lost one card in the group to the Canadians. Their next face-to-face duel was a success for the representatives of North America. In the second semi-final, the Macedonians fought desperately against Northwood Esports, but lost 0:2 in the end.



The final, where Team USA and Canada met, was quite interesting. Northwood Esports crushed their opponents on Pearl with a score of 13:4, to which the Canadians responded with a spurt of their own at Icebox, 13:6. It was the first and last map Team USA lost at this tournament.


The third map, Haven, was a turning point in this grand final. The o7s won the first half 9:3, and the curse of that score played with them a bad joke. Northwood Esports closed the score and clinched the victory in overtime, 14:12.


Their opponents didn't have the strength for the final map, Bind, where they lost to Team USA 7:13.


northwood 07


Hunter "furbsa" Mcmillan was named as Most Valuable Player of Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022.

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