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All Teasers Of New Map In VALORANT

All Teasers Of New Map In VALORANT
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Just started the new year 2023 on planet Earth, and the developers VALORANT, Riot Games, are already delighting us with teasers of the new map in the game. It was first announced in early December, when it became known about the departure of Breeze and Bind, as well as the return of Split. Riot Games stated that there will always be seven of them in the active map pool, which means that the release of the ninth map in the new episode is not avoidable.


The new episode is set to begin next Tuesday, January 10. All this week, the developers have interested the community of the game with various teasers. And tomorrow, January 5, we will likely see the patch note.



In the first teaser, we see Fade from the bottom view camera. There are people in cloaks standing around her, and their heads are hooded, so you can't see their faces. She also says the following words:


"So many places to run from the dark. It always catches up".



The second teaser introduces us to Sage and Omen. The first one stands by the computer, and stands behind something. The second is sitting at a desk, trimming a tree in a pot. This plant is called a bonsai. Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing and training miniature trees in pots. This leads us to think of Split, since this map is in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. 



The third teaser introduces us to street coffee, presumably in Asia. There we see Jett, Killjoy, and Raze sitting at a table. They're chatting and eating. The view of the city we see in this teaser again refers us to Split. But there's one thing, Jett is from South Korea. And most likely, Killjoy and Raze have come to visit her. And therefore, we can assume that the new card will be in South Korea.



And the last teaser, which was presented today, shows us Astra, Harbor, and Skye. They are in a certain forest, with weapons, apparently fleeing from their pursuers. After a short conversation, Skye decides to stay behind in order to distract the enemies. Astra and Harbor continue on their way.


Tomorrow, January 5, at 5 PM CET, we will see the cinematic of the new episode in VALORANT, "From darkness, revelation."


And this Friday, January 6th, on PBE we will see all the innovations with the first patch in 2023.

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