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VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass: Skins, Player Cards, Sprays

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass: Skins, Player Cards, Sprays
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

The new battle pass came out with Act 1 in Episode 6 of VALORANT. It included new skins, players' cards, and sprays.


The entire battle pass is divided into 50 tiers. It arrives in the game on  January 10, 2023, and is supposed to run for 10 weeks.



Weapon Skins


This Battle Pass features three different skins bundles. There are 9 Lives, Venturi and GridCrash.


The first one, 9 Lives, includes skins for Phantom, Guardian, Classic and Ares. Each weapon has four different variants.






phantom_9 1


phantom_9 2

phantom_9 3

phantom_9 4





guardian_9 1

guardian_9 2

guardian_9 3

guardian_9 4





classic_9 1

classic_9 2

classic_9 3

classic_9 4






ares_9 1

ares_9 2

ares_9 3

ares_9 4



The second one bundle, Gridcrash, includes skins for Bulldog, Stinger, Judge and Ghost.










The third one, Venturi, features skins for Vandal, Marshal, Spectre, Frenzy, and a melee gun.






venturi marshal

venturi vandal



Gun Buddies


A new battle pass has ten new gun buddies:


  • Big Announcement
  • Electric Love
  • Episode 6 Coin
  • Folded Wish
  • Folded Wish Epilogue
  • Frozen Solid
  • New Year's Knot
  • Peace and Love
  • Stringed Soprano
  • Venturi






A new battle pass has twelve new sprays.




Players Cards


And for dessert, there are Players Cards, which are always pretty cool looking and attractive in their design. There are 13 of them this time.



The new battle pass will appear in VALORANT alongside Episode 6, New Map, and Skins Bundle on January 10.

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