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ShahZam Accuses Sentinels Of Lying...

ShahZam Accuses Sentinels Of Lying...
Written by: Weeii

The professional player Shahzam who was previously in Sentinels (Currently in G2) criticized sentinels over their actions with him.

It all started when Sentinels decided to drop ShahZam off the roster for the upcoming 2023 year, which he did not take lightly.

In this tweet Sentinels were making a fun sketch about spinning a wheel that would tell them what to do, ShahZam jumped right in stating that Sentinels forced him to form a team with shroud for content purposes and promised him a franchising spot for it, which did not happen.

Rob Moore, Sentinel’s CEO responded to ShahZam stating that the reason for dropping was his behavior within the team saying that he acted like “He didn’t want to stay in the team”.


It doesn’t stop here, furthermore, Rob Moore responded to somebody claiming that they had failed to deliver on their promise which he said to “Do you believe everything that people post on twitter?”

ShahZam again responded to Rob asking if he denies promising him the spot they claimed he did and stated that he should own up to the mistake and do better.

For now, the last response was Rob’s which he denied promising the spot for ShahZam.

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