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Valorant Is Coming To Mobile

Valorant Is Coming To Mobile
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT Mobile has been confirmed a while ago and it’s being worked on by Riot Games aiming to bring the game into new platforms which can also include Console. 


However, things are not going as smoothly as they could’ve been 


In the VALORANT Dev Diaries kick-off video, they mentioned that the progress of their mobile game development is not up to their or our expectations. 


“We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms. It’s going slower than we hoped. Probably slower than you hoped, but we want to get it right” 


If there’s anything we can understand from their statement it’s that while the expectations are not met regarding how fast the progress is, they are trying their best to produce a game that is actually playable. 


Remember that often times, you would rather wait for a high quality product than cheap out on your time and find out that it isn’t even worth playing. 


There isn’t any release date or estimates to VALORANT mobile as of now, we know Riot and how they are extremely cautious on overpromising or under delivering so that’s that.

Especially when the community has high demands for VALORANT mobile, comes with that huge responsibility and there’s almost no room for mistake in such things. 

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