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Tarik Spoke To Riot Devs About Pro City...

Tarik Spoke To Riot Devs About Pro City...
Written by: Weeii

Tarik Confirms Riot Has No Plans Of Shutting Down Pro City


In recent events where high level ranked has been infiltrated by crypto throwers and stream snipers, Tarik created “Pro City” which is often known as the professional 10 mans. 


The pro city has advanced and was an actual fun experience for player who participated, they expressed it as “how ranked should have been” a fun, interactive yet highly competitive experience. 


After the creation of the Pro City and the success it received, there has been an ongoing concern within the community which is that this ranked alternative matchmaking system can be against Riot’s rules and it’s possible that they might take it down.



Rest assured, that isn’t the case as Tarik recently mentioned on his livestream that he spoke to a Riot developer, and they don’t have any plans of taking his project down. 


Furthermore, they are recommending to include prizes as rewards for top performing players. 


This approach from Riot is rather surprising and amazing. Everybody thought that they will take this project down due to it including an alternative matchmaking system (using MMR as a factor) but it’s the complete opposite. 

With Riot being this supportive of this project, this leaves us at a cliff hanger. Will Riot take action against the crypto throwers in NA ranked?

Is accepting this project a sign of them giving up on trying to fix the current ranked system? Or is it a sign of support and determination? Only time will tell us.

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