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VALORANT Esports Is Starting In China

VALORANT Esports Is Starting In China
Written by: Weeii

Tencent is planning to run a VALORANT Esports League in China after the game has finally been allowed to be played in the country


China has always been a strict country and that is no different when it comes to Esports and game titles. Many platforms and games are completely banned in China hence why you always get to see “knock off” apps made by Chinese players who wish to access those games and platforms. 


Thankfully, China has finally taken a step into the right direction by unbanninng VALORANT the Riot Games Shooter, and allowing it for players. This also sparks the conversation of Esports, which as we have already seen the team EDG a pretty successful team that had an impressive performance in VCT Champions 2022. 


According to a blog by Bloomberg, Tencent plans to launch up a VALORANT esports league which is supposed to take place in summer 2023. 


Additionally, Riot has invited 2 Chinese teams (EDG & Fun Plus Phoenix) over to the VCT /// LOCK IN Event in Brazil. This can give the fans a general look on how the Chinese teams play out against different teams from different regions. 


According to Bloomberg, Tencent currently operates the League Of Legends Pro League in China which has generated over $150 million in revenue in its first two years. This is indicates good signs for the future in VALORANT in China and considering how big the country’s population is, we might have a new region challenging the top teams which is always nice to watch.

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