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VALORANT Confirms Swiftplay Is Staying!

VALORANT Confirms Swiftplay Is Staying!
Written by: Mohsin

Shorter games, same strategies, Swiftplay is here to stay!


VALORANT added Swiftplay to the playlist of game modes almost a month ago, and players really liked how this game mode played out. It basically replicated a regular Unrated game, but the number of rounds is way less.


Swiftplay allowed players to practice their skills against different opponents in short matches without having to rely on Spike Rush, where players are given a fixed gun, and there is no concept of economy or abilities management.



The good news is VALORANT just posted an update on Twitter that they have decided to keep Swiftplay in the game for good!



This is amazing news for the VALORANT community since everyone including us at Esportsdriven really enjoy playing this mode!

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