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VALORANT Esports Is Confirmed To Take Place In China

VALORANT Esports Is Confirmed To Take Place In China
Written by: Weeii

The Global Head Of Esports at Riot Games “Leo Faria” has confirmed the recent reports of China finally getting an Esports League of its own.


There have been reports stating that China is set to get a Valorant league in 2023 as Riot Games obtained a license to launch the game in the country.

It has been revealed in a press conference right before the first esports event of the year, VCT LOCK//IN, the global head of esports at Riot confirmed that it is indeed, coming to China and that the competition will start. 


“We know from League of Legends how amazing that community is, how dedicated they are, how much effort they put into competing and winning championships so we’re building a plan for competitions in China right now” 

How Will It Work?


As far as we know, Faria said they don’t know what the league looks like or even how it will work as they are still working on its structure and plan of it. The most asked question remains how will we integrate the Chinese league and teams into the normal VCT Circuit? 


This has many possibilities, it might be the regular VCL (in which, a league is formed on in the region and qualification comes from playing the league and winning it) 


Or, they might compete to receive an invitation to the Pacific League, and from there they can try to qualify within that region’s VCL. 


However, Riot has invited two Chinese teams to the current VCT LOCK // IN event as region representatives. (EDG & FunPlus Phoenix) 


This might mean Chinese teams that look promising will be receiving direct invitations to the top tier tournaments, we are not sure how that would work.

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