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Interview with Content Creator Vegod

Interview with Content Creator Vegod
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I’m with Vegod, content and skin creator on Valorant. How would you introduce yourself in one sentence?


Vegod: In one sentence? That’s difficult! I would say Creative mastermind.


Yoann: All right, that's good! How did you end up creating gun skins for Valorant? Did you study 3D at school?


Vegod: So initially I had the idea because I come from a Fortnite background and that game basically collabs with everything. So when I made the switch to Valorant, about a year ago, I was like, okay, what if I implement collaborations between Valorant with other things? So initially, my first ever video was Valorant and Stranger Things as it was trending at the time. And it kind of blew up, and it was just an idea because I'm very big into cinema, movies and TV shows and all that stuff.  I didn’t go to 3D school, I'm self-taught.

Yoann: All right, that's interesting! What's the creative process behind creating a skin? Do you draw, or write down ideas?


Vegod: If I make a skin that's like a 2.0 skin, it's just imagined in my head and what it would look like. I take assets from the game itself, break down all the parts, and put it all together.

I don't write anything, I don't draw anything, I just have the idea in my mind.

Yoann: Can you make content creation your main job right now?


Vegod: At the moment yes because my full-time job is revolving around content creation. All this stuff I do for Valorant with 3D animation goes hand in hand with my day job, which is video production, VFX, 3D animations on Fortnite.

Yoann: Are you playing Valorant in your free time?


Vegod: I do! Now I want to stream, so I've been very consistent for the past four, or five days because people have been asking me to see my skin creation process. I usually stream for like 5 to 6 hours. The first 2 hours are making my own skin, and people watch me, I chat with them, and they help me make the skins. So when I made the Oni 2.0, Twitch chat helped me in the colorways for that.


So it was an excellent way to implement the community with that. When it's done I post it, then I just play it for the rest of the stream. 

I'm Diamond 3 right now, but I've peaked Ascendant. 


Yoann: What's your favorite skin collection in the game?


Vegod: I would say possibly the Prelude to Chaos. That's really sick. 

Yoann: What’s the skin of your creation you are the proudest of?


Vegod: I would say the Chronovoid Pokemon one. I think it's the cleanest one I've ever made. 




The Oni Vandal is also really nice, and I got a lot of praise for that one. 



Yoann: The pink variant is very good! Are you watching Valorant pro play?


Vegod: Unfortunately, I'm not. But I do want to get into it, I switched about like seven, or eight months ago, so I have no idea who the pros are. 

Yoann: Which team will you be supporting doing this February’s event in Brazil?


Vegod: Probably C9 because Zellsis is the only pro that I met personally.

Yoann: Do you know some teams from other regions? 


Vegod: I actually do not. I know some orgs in Europe but that's about it.

Yoann: I strongly recommend you to watch Paper Rex from the Pacific region. It’s super fun to watch! They will play Cloud9 for their first match.


Vegod: Oh, nice! I'll be sure to watch everything. But I also like to attend LAN events, recently I went to some, so I plan to also go for Valorant.



Yoann: Some people know you from WestJett’s videos, how do you feel about it?


Vegod: Yeah, WestJett and I are close friends. We actually met at Twitchcon in San Diego. Recently, we did this fake beef on Twitter. So people are like, oh, my God, what's going on? We worked together on YouTube videos, and he helped me reach the YouTube partner too.

I also used to do TikTok quite a bit, but recently when I open TikTok, I see my stuff on my For You page and it's incredible, but you know, half the time they don't even like Tag or anything they just post it.

I've had people tell me to like Watermark, but I feel like it would ruin it.

Yoann: That would be cool if you had a buddy with your Twitter tag. 


Vegod: I had someone say the same, yeah that would be awesome!

Yoann: What are your short and long-term ambitions?


Vegod: Whatever I'm doing right now is kind of short-term because I'm not really getting an income out of it. I have a day job, and then recently I just got YouTube partner. So I want to influence all of this over into my YouTube and focus on YouTube and Twitch. Most people don't know this, but I've been doing this for ten years, and it's finally kicking in. 

A long-term goal would just be to make this sustainable.

I'm just going to stay low and do my thing, grind.


Yoann: Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck in the future!


Vegod: I appreciate this. Thank you so much!


Twitter: @Vegod_

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