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The Most Anticipated Match Of VCT LOCK//IN

The Most Anticipated Match Of VCT LOCK//IN
Written by: Weeii

The Most Anticipated Match On VCT LOCK//IN 


Sentinels have always been one of the most popular teams in the professional scene. It all started when they won the first ever VALORANT international event, Masters Reykjavik. It was a flawless run, with not a single map lost that built their fame and presented their talent. 


Alongside the star of VALORANT TenZ showing an outstanding performance being the MVP of the league. 


Ever since Sentinels had a rough time and failed to win any other events. Not only that, they also failed to even qualify for any of those events placing them to be considered a tier 2 team. 


But now Sentinels have reformed and they are looking fearful heading into VCT LOCK//IN to play their most anticipated match by the community which will take place on February 24th. 


This match-up will be a single elimination BO3 making the stakes a lot higher. 


Sentinels will take on FNATIC, which is ironic considering that this is the same exact match of the finals of Masters Reykjavik. Ever since that final, Sentinels did not get to play FNATIC in any other event. 


This is why FNATIC fans are aspiring to see the revenge, while Sentinels are heading to prove that they are back. 


While this sounds pressuring for Sentinels, SykkoNT the coach of sentinels assured the fans that they will be heading in with no pressure on their shoulders.

“I don’t think any of us are feeling pressure here” he said at a press conference.

“We’re just focused on qualifying for VCT Masters Tokyo and winning Valorant Champions.”

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