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Everything we know about Agent 22, abilities, release date & more

Everything we know about Agent 22, abilities, release date & more
Written by: Weeii

Everything about Agent 22: Gekko, Abilities, Release Date, & More




Riot has recently spoken about their plans of releasing new Agents in the year 2023 for VALORANT in which we have been teased about Agent 22 (the 22nd agent in valorant)  


It has been confirmed that we will be seeing 3 new agents this year as well as that they will be from the initiator and sentinel class with no third specified class. This essentially leaves a possibility hanging that there might be an entirely new class introduced in 2023 VALORANT, which is exciting, to say the least. 


Another important thing to note is an interesting leak from the known and trusted leaker “ValorLeaks” who has been consistent with correct leaks about the game. We see that the agent codename is SmokeDancer, which might not refer to anything important but it can also give us a hint.


We imagine this refers to an ability that can avoid smokes of some sort or play around with any ability that blocks your line of sight. 


However, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t confirmed to be the next agent but possibly just one of the next agents coming this year. 

This is a prominent leak of Gekko's abilities. 


His supposed molly named Mosh Pit (C) is presumed to look like this. 


Many believe that Gekko is one of those agents that can really make an impact on the outcome of the round. That being his abilities that seem at first, a bit too strong to play against. Here’s a look of his ability kit: 


  • Dizzy (E): Equip Dizzy FIRE to send Dizzy soaring forward through the air. Dizzy charges and then unleash plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Enemies hit by her plasma are blinded. When Dizzy expires she reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Dizzy charge after a short cooldown.

  • Wingman (Q): Equip Wingman FIRE to send Wingman forward seeking enemies. Wingman unleashes a concussive blast toward the first enemy he sees ALT FIRE when targeting a Spike site or planted Spike to have Wingman defuse or plant the Spike. To plant, Gekko must have the Spike in his inventory. When Wingman expires he reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Wingman charge after a short cooldown.

  • Mosh Pit (C): Equip Mosh FIRE to throw Mosh like a grenade ALT FIRE to throw underhand. Upon landing Mosh duplicates across a large area then after a short delay explodes.

  • Thrash (X): Equip Thrash FIRE to link with Thrash’s mind and steer her through enemy territory ACTIVATE to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies in a small radius. When Thrash expires she reverts into a dormant globule INTERACT to reclaim the globule and gain another Thrash charge after a short cooldown. Thrash can be reclaimed once.

Community Feedback


While the new agent took place in the Grand Final showdown, fans started questioning his ability kit of his and how strong it is. Specifically, Wingman which is the most unique idea coming to Valorant just yet. 


Everyone refers to the Wingman ability to be completely overpowered as it clears out a lot of the danger and pressure you go through doing one of the most basic fundamentals of the game, defusing or planting. 




Another perspective to take into the looks which is the 1v1 or 1v2 situations you will take against Gekko. It will be incredibly different on both sides. 


Imagine hearing a spike tap in a 1v1 and peeking only to find out that there’s a Gekko holding you while his Wingman is defusing the spike. That sounds like a nightmare to deal with.

Release Date


Gekko is officially set to release on Episode 6 Act 2 on the 7th of March (Tuesday) 2023


Upon his release we expect a huge meta shift coming to VALORANT and more specifically the initiator role, but we hope that this redefinition can be for the best. 



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