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Interview with Lilou, talent manager for Prodigy Agency

Interview with Lilou, talent manager for Prodigy Agency
Written by: Yoann

Yoann: Hello everyone! Today I’m with Siouta, Talent Manager for Prodigy Agency! 


Lilou: Hey, I’m Lilou, working at Prodigy Agency as a Talent manager. It’s a pleasure to get to share the “behind the scenes” of the esports scene, and my daily job!


Yoann: How and when did you join Prodigy Agency?


Lilou: I joined Prodigy Agency in January 2022. A colleague from a past job told me about this position and I enjoyed it straight away. Everything’s going great!



Yoann: That’s great. What were you doing before then?


Lilou: Right before I joined them, I was working for Ubisoft in Paris as a QA Analyst on Just Dance. I stayed there for a few months.


Yoann: What’s your job as a Talent Manager?


Lilou: I have many different tasks, but there is a clear difference between Talent Manager and Agent. Agents will work on contracts, and negotiations, find new players… On my side, I’m working on the administrative side, I’m helping with the Visa, the invoices, and everything around the paperwork. But I’m also here to help with interviews, between the player and the media.

I’m also making sure that the communication between the player and Prodigy goes well.

I also have some background tasks such as updating our database, checking the player’s information…


Yoann: Have you ever met the players you are working with?


Lilou: During this year I got to meet some Valorant and League Of Legends players, and we went to some events.


Yoann: Do you have access to assist your player’s tournaments?


Lilou: It really depends on the venue, but we have access most of the time.


Yoann: Okay, you already have a lot of famous players in different games. How did you get there? 


Lilou: Jerome (our CEO) already knew some players by helping them a lot in their professional life. He continued to scout players, to help them, and they were satisfied with his work, after that he decided to create Prodigy Agency. 

Today, there’s the scouting part too, where agents look for players and ask them to join the company.

Our slogan is "Players First" so the goal of Prodigy is to always be there for them and support them in their careers.


Yoann: Talking about that, what’s the process behind signing new players?


Lilou: The agents scout new players and choose between profiles to make them an offer. I’m coming in after the player has been recruited to do the paperwork and to explain to him how we work, and how we will help him. 

The goal is to help the player to advance in his career and help them make the right decisions. We are very benevolent to our players.


Yoann: That’s great! Do you play games in your free time?


Lilou: Yeah, even if I’m not playing a lot, I watch a ton of pro play, and see how our players perform. In my free time, I play Valorant and Wild Rift, League Of Legends’ mobile game. From time to time I also play League with friends.


Yoann: Alright, nice! What are your ambitions with Prodigy Agency?


Lilou: I hope we will keep on improving our services, and recruit new players. It’s always nice to get to know new talents and work alongside them! I wish the best for Prodigy Agency, to keep on growing.


Yoann: Would you like to add something to this interview?


Lilou: Yeah, many people ask me how I got to work in esports, to help the players behind the scenes. Try to volunteer, that’s how I started myself. You’ll get to meet a lot of people, allowing you to grow your circle more and more. The esports world is not as closed as you may think, there is a place for everyone, and it’s only a matter of passion and dedication.


Yoann: All right, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!


Lilou: Thank you!


Twitter: LSiouta

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