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Everything about VALORANT's newest Agent Gekko

Everything about VALORANT's newest Agent Gekko
Written by: Weeii

VALORANT Newest Agent “Gekko” is finally revealed…


While the VALORANT agent pool keeps expanding at a rapid pace, we are finally introduced to official information about Agent 22 “Gekko” who is an agent of the initiator class. 


It has been officially confirmed by Riot that Gekko is going to join the VALORANT agent pool as an initiator. It has been leaked that he will be appearing in a bold new look with green hair. 



While there haven’t been many leaks that can give us a direct clue to Gekko’s abilities, in many of the teasers revealed about Gekko he appeared to be leaving on read or ignoring messages from different types of agents and people. 


This can’t give us a direct clue to make up a conclusion of, but it might be something related to him being able to ignore other agents' abilities and play for his own. 

Official Reveal

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long from this point to know everything about this exciting agent as everything will be officially revealed in a prepared trailer and gameplay showcase in the Grand Final of the ongoing International event VCT LOCK//IN. 


This includes showcasing all of his abilities, new look, and more. The Grand Final will take place on Saturday, March 4th.

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