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VCT LOCK//IN Trophy Got Damaged In Transit

VCT LOCK//IN Trophy Got Damaged In Transit
Written by: Weeii

VCT Trophy got BROKEN as it’s getting transported, it could intentional. 




After a long day of fighting a team has been crowned to be the VALORANT VCT LOCK//IN CHAMPIONS


FNATIC managed to secure the win and be the first champions of the year 2023, winning an astonishing trophy to lift with pride and confidence. 

lock in trophy revealed v0 KyOfN8wypT5djoT jufhCdO0pb7kuiGwfGGx3iAobpEvct_lock_in_trophgyulock in trophy revealed v0 KyOfN8wypT5djoT jufhCdO0pb7kuiGwfGGx3iAobpE

According to Derke and many of the players on team FNATIC, British Airways have managed to somehow damage the package that included the trophy. 


While this is very sad, that’s not all. It’s quite questionable that a trophy protected by such a big case would just fall apart during transport. What’s more likely is that someone intentionally took it out and damaged it. 


What adds up to the issue is how FNATIC was treated in VCT LOCK//IN. 




Many of the fans were astonished by the Brazilian crowd, but that only lasted until LOUD lost the match. From Booing FNATIC all the way to completely leaving the stadium as LOUD lose the last map.


There are people who claim that they left because of circumstances like the time of closing of public transport or that it was too hot, but it was simply too much to take for players to win and see that there is no win left. 


Especially considering the pressure while playing as everyone is booing and waiting for their loss. 


From that, many started making jokes that British Airways have a hidden LOUD fan that did this. Nothing confirmed and it’s pretty unlikely, but that’s what FNATIC went through in VCT LOCK//IN Brazil. 

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