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Cloud9 Is Set To Sign Jakee and Runi To Complete Their Roster

Cloud9 Is Set To Sign Jakee and Runi To Complete Their Roster
Written by: Weeii


Cloud 9 is set to sign Jake and Runi for their 2023 upcoming Americas league run 


It has been rumored that Cloud 9 is close to finishing up a deal where they will sign runi and jake to fill in the gaps on their roster. 


While this may come as surprising news, it is quite possible after the release of yay and vanity who were crucial parts of the Cloud 9 lineup. 


There has been a strong backlash after letting yay go just after one event (VCT LOCK // IN SAO PAUL) with the reasoning being that the roles did not work out within the roster, as they’re looking to build a team long term they have decided to partways with yay. 


Later on, they also had informed the media that Vanity will also part ways with cloud 9. Many argued that these cuts are due to financial reasons as the Esports scene is quite unstable and hard to sustain financially, but Jack Etienne confirmed that it is not to “cut costs” and that they are in a good position financially.

New Players




After runi’s previous run with Soniqs esports, he officially stated that he’s an unrestricted free agent and mentioned his capability to IGL comfortably in a team environment which is likely a good fit for the Cloud 9 roster. 




Jake comes next on the list with his previous experience with a team named UTC esports, he has demonstrated insane talent and is likely to be a great fit for what Cloud 9 is looking for at the moment. 




Funnily enough, the Cloud 9 VALORANT official account tweeted at both runi and jake asking them to check their DMs. Which can be interpreted as a hint that these rumors are probably true and will happen soon. 

Finalized Roster


Assuming the leaks are true, this will be the finalized roster for Cloud 9 Heading into the Americas league where they face off EG as their first opponent: 


  • Nathan ‘leaf’ 
  • Erick ‘Xeppaa’ Bach
  • Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro
  • Jake ‘jakee’ Anderson
  • Dylan ‘runi’ Cade

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